NGINX Core (On-demand)

NGINX Core is a hands-on exploration of NGINX most common use cases, features, and functionality.

NGINX Core (On-demand) begins with an exploration of NGINX and its most common use cases: load balancer, reverse proxy, WAF, API gateway, to name a few. Next, you'll install NGINX. Once NGINX is installed, you'll begin exploring NGINX configuration. You'll look at configuration contexts, directives, and inheritance. You'll understand how NGINX selects a server and location to server content. You'll begin working with variables. You enable both access and error logs. You'll route requests using the alias, return, and rewrite directives. You'll use the map directive with variables and the if directive. You'll encrypt traffic to and from your web server. You'll learn how to restrict access and manage connections to your server. You'll configure load balancing for your server. And finally, you configure a proxy cache.

NGINX Core (On-demand) consists modules, most of which include instructional videos and hands-on labs. You have unlimited access to instructional videos. You can return to them as often as you please. Hands-on labs are provisioned when you choose to launch that lab. For each lab, you'll have access for up to 12 hours in a 24-hour period. After that, you'll no longer have access to your lab. Please plan accordingly.


  • Install NGINX
  • Leverage configuration contexts to manage your application
  • Manage server selection
  • Route traffic to a specific location
  • Use variables
  • Log errors and activity
  • Proxy to an upstream server
  • Route HTTP requests
  • Map variables
  • Encrypt HTTP traffic
  • Restrict access to your server
  • Load balance a set of upstream servers
  • Return requests from cache



On-demand e-learning

8 hours

$800 / 16 F5 training units