Aspen Service Mesh

Aspen Service Mesh provides critical networking and visibility for service providers deploying a service-based architecture, and for enterprises moving from monolithic services to a microservices architecture

Use Cases

Our Istio-based service mesh has many uses, from service providers moving to a 5G standalone (SA) service-based architecture (SBA), to enterprises moving from monolithic services to a microservices architecture.

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5G Standalone SBA Service Mesh

Deploy CNFs with security and visibility.

Enterprise Microservice Deployment Platform

Preserve legacy and hybrid workloads.

4G VNF to 5G CNF Transition Platform

Enable faster transition to 5G core.

HA/DR Microservice Deployment Platform

Deploy workloads requiring high availability and disaster recovery.

Service Provider IT Microservices Platform

Leverage microservices for SP back-office IT.

Multi-Cluster/Multi-Cloud Deployments

Deploy complex large-scale workloads.

How It Works

Aspen Service Mesh is deployed by an enterprise as an Istio-based microservices service mesh platform, or by a service provider as a service-based architecture (SBA) service mesh building block for 5G SA deployments. It may also be deployed by a service provider in conjunction with F5 BIG-IP Next Service Proxy for Kubernetes (SPK) for legacy 4G or 5G non-standalone (NSA) deployments in transition to a standalone 5G deployment.

Connecting Microservices with a Service Mesh

Incorporating a service mesh connects your microservices and scales Kubernetes in a way that minimizes management overhead.

Product Benefits


Open source Istio capabilities

Provide service resilience, observability, traffic control, basic security, and policy enforcement


Robust security by default

Configuration provides strict security capability out of the box


IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack networking

Supports native, end-to-end dual-stack networking across the service mesh


Packet Inspector

Enables service mesh traffic capture and visibility


Certificate Orchestrator

State-of-the-art granular certificate management for service mesh and other products


Built-in support for Helm 3

Makes installations and upgrades easier


Extension of X.509 DNS Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificates

Enables FQDN as well as SPIFFE for trust establishment. Eases 4G VNF to 5G NSA CNF migration, and from 5G NSA to 5G SA CNF service transition



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