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Grupo Élève Passes Security Test with Ease

Based in Paraguay, Grupo Élève recently expanded its learning platforms to Brazil and the United States. By deploying F5 Distributed Cloud Services the educational organization successfully eliminated the number of security incidents to zero and reduced system administration by 90%.

Sistema Ailos fortifica a proteção de aplicações e APIs com ajuda da F5

O Sistema Ailos é uma organização brasileira que reúne 13 cooperativas de crédito. Com ativos de 21 bilhões de reais e operações de crédito na faixa de 14,6 bilhões, o Sistema Ailos atende mais de 1,6 milhão de cooperados. Por meio do F5 Distributed Cloud Services, a instituição protege 200 aplicações e numerosas APIs por trás de suas transações de negócios.

Vodafone Idea Unmasks SSL/TLS Security Threats with F5 Technology

Read how Indian telecom giant Vodafone Idea (Vi) decrypted SSL/TLS traffic and fortified their overall cybersecurity with F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator Democratizes AI with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

AI and data platform provider empowers real-time AI processing at the edge with help from F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Maxim’s Group Automates Security with F5 to Fuel Growth

Read how Maxim’s Group improved its multi-cloud cybersecurity, increased scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency with F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.

Scottish Government prepares for multi-cloud migration with F5

Scottish Government ARE is migrating to a distributed, multi-cloud environment where networking and security are protected by F5 Distributed Cloud solutions.

McGraw Hill Simplifies Multi-Cloud Cloud Management

McGraw Hill streamlined its multi-cloud infrastructure with F5 Distributed Cloud Services while protecting its apps better than the cloud native tools allowed.

Bank Mega Boosts Its SuperApp Resilience and Performance with F5

Rapid growth in use of Bank Mega’s mobile app, M-Smile, strained the bank’s ability to scale and led to operational challenges. By partnering with F5 to implement BIG-IP Local Traffic Management (LTM) and BIG-IP Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions, the bank protected its website, optmized load times, and improved the user experience.

DMDC UniMAP prioritizes student safety with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Digital Management and Development Centre (DMDC) Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) uses F5 Distributed Cloud Services to enhance security, streamline monitoring, and combat website bots. The performance dashboard ensures transparency by assessing latency, alerts, visitor patterns, and server health for robust security.

FullProxy Delivers the Full Power of F5 Technologies

F5 partner FullProxy helps customers protect apps while maximizing their IT investments. The UK cybersecurity company’s deep technical knowledge ensures their customers worldwide can make the most of F5 products, protecting apps, reducing complexity, and solving multiple challenges with a single solution.