Articles by Pranav Dharwadkar

Pranav is a VP of Products at Volterra. Previously, he led Connected Car Product Management at Jasper that was acquired by Cisco. At Jasper, Pranav’s connected car products won GSMA GLOMO award and its customers included large automotive vendors Tesla, GM, Ford among others. His keynote speech at China’s Connected Car Symposium in 2017 was highly appreciated by Automotive OEMs worldwide. Prior to Jasper, Pranav led Strategy and Operations at Paypal helping drive several percentage point improvements in checkout conversion rate for PayPal’s core checkout product. Prior to PayPal, Pranav held Corporate Strategy position at Cisco where he led acquisitions for Cisco’s Enterprise collaboration technology group. He holds an MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, an MS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, and a BS in Electronics Engineering from the VJTI, University of Mumbai. He was awarded six patents in the fields of Internet Routing Technology. His research studies have been published in several publications including the IEEE Distributed Computing Systems and IEEE Infocomm. In his personal time, Pranav enjoys playing basketball and badminton while coaching his daughters’ robotics and softball teams.

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Published: Apr 6, 2021
This specific blog describes a key challenge of configuration drift faced by an operations team when making configuration changes across a large number of clusters or sites. I call this challenge, “Time to Effect.”
Published: Jul 30, 2020
This blog is the start of a new blog series on real example problems faced by enterprises and describes how Volterra’s App Delivery Network (ADN) addresses the problems outlined.
Published: Jan 24, 2020
This specific blog describes how Volterra helps users operate their applications and infrastructure like a fleet. We will explain how our control-plane based approach eases operations of a large fleet of app clusters and compare it with other multi-cluster management-plane approaches like Google Anthos, Azure Arc, Rancher, etc.