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F5 NGINXaaS for Azure

NGINX as a Service (NGINXaaS) for Azure is a fully-managed offering that integrates the Microsoft Azure ecosystem with advanced NGINX traffic services.

Deliver Secure and High Performance Applications in Azure


Powered by advanced NGINX technologies

NGINXaaS is built on NGINX Plus and removes the burden of deploying your own NGINX Plus cluster, installing libraries, and upgrading, securing, and managing infrastructure.

  • Advanced Traffic Management: Unlock advanced traffic management services such as active health checks for intelligently routing requests to operational services; includes basic caching, rate limiting, and manual scaling.
  • Robust Security and Identity Authorization: Authenticate and authorize users and client applications with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), with support for TLS 1.3, SSO,  OpenID Connect, WAF, and DoS protection across your entire estate of applications.
  • Advanced Load Balancing: Improve performance with non-disruptive updates, session persistence, and configuration via API.

Product Overview

NGINX and Microsoft Azure

Simplify cloud migration and adoption

NGINXaaS is an Azure-native solution co-developed by F5 and Microsoft. With NGINXaaS, you can bring your existing NGINX configurations into the cloud. This seamless extension into Azure enables multi-cloud and hybrid solutions with the load balancer you know and trust: NGINX.

Core Capabilities

Tightly integrated with the Microsoft Azure public cloud and its ecosystem, NGINXaaS for Azure makes applications fast, efficient, and reliable with full lifecycle management of advanced NGINX traffic services. Get enterprise-grade security and resilience across all environments with a standard tool set.

Align infrastructure costs to actual usage by billing transactions via the Azure portal.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 99.95% availability for NGINXaaS on Azure.

Integrates Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure Key Vault, Azure Monitor, and Azure DevOps.

Get a consistent experience across all services for a comprehensive app delivery and load balancing solution.

Leverage the flexibility of Azure to manage your applications in one place—increasing security controls. 



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The rapid expansion of aaS offerings parallels the explosive growth in the popularity of cloud computing. Read the blog to learn more about how NGINXaaS for Azure leverages both.