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F5 NGINX Gateway Fabric

Implement the Gateway API across hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments with a secure, fast, and reliable NGINX data plane.

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Future-Proof Kubernetes App Connectivity

Unlock advanced Kubernetes features

Unlike Kubernetes Ingress resources, NGINX Gateway Fabric delivers many use cases out of the box, including blue-green and canary deployments, A/B testing, and request/response manipulation.

  • Built-In Extensibility: Defines an annotation-less extensibility model with extension points and policy attachments to deliver advanced NGINX data plane features not supported by the API itself.

Product Overview

A secure, fast, and reliable data plane for the Gateway API

The Gateway API is an open source, cross-vendor standardization API project evolved from the Kubernetes Ingress API to solve challenges with ingress objects. NGINX Gateway Fabric is a conformant implementation of the Gateway API specifications that leverages the power of NGINX, one of the most widely used data planes in the world. 

NGINX Gateway Fabric documentation

Core Capabilities

With built-in support for advanced use cases, a role-based API model, and extensibility to unlock the power of the NGINX data plane, NGINX Gateway Fabric is architected to deliver future-proof connectivity for apps and services to, from, and within a Kubernetes cluster.

Operates in accordance with established community governance procedures, delivering full transparency in the development process and features roadmap. 

Features a native role-based API model that enables self-service governance capabilities to share the infrastructure across multi-tenant teams.

Architected to enable both north-south and east-west Kubernetes app and service connectivity use cases.

Improves observability with granular, real-time and historical metrics and dashboards.


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