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Modern App Delivery

Balance control, security, and visibility while moving at the pace of innovation. Give your teams the tools to align priorities in a single, unified platform.

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F5 NGINX Solutions for Modern App Delivery

These NGINX solutions give distributed teams holistic control of app development and delivery, while reducing complexity and tool sprawl with a consolidated technology stack. Intelligently scale your environment and gain better insights into app health, performance, and security posture to deliver improved user experience.

Enterprise-Grade Proxy

Implement improved security, governance, observability, and scalability for your modern apps.

Centralized Management

Empower teams to track, deploy, and configure NGINX Plus using a self-service approach while ensuring compliance and security.

Modern Security

Protect your apps and infrastructure with a suite of security and identity capabilities including a WAF, DDoS protection, and SSO.

Secure, Fast, and Reliable App Delivery

NGINX Load Balancer diagram

Take advantage of a modern, cloud-native architecture

Deliver apps and APIs across multiple environments with reliability, speed, and security. Reduce complexity, mitigate tool sprawl, and improve customer experiences with better visibility, uptime, and protection.

How F5 Helps

Fast app releases

Release new app features faster and easier with self-service governance across multi-tenant development teams. Offload implementation of non-functional requirements to the platform layer.

Infrastructure-agnostic consistency

Run in any public, private, or hybrid cloud, and on bare metal, leveraging universal and unified tools. Reduce complexity through technology consolidation.

Cloud-native architectural design

Move to microservices and DevOps practices with a software ADC designed for modern architectures. Support your organization’s strategic digital transformation initiatives.

Extensive automation and ecosystem

Collect, monitor, and analyze your data through prebuilt integrations with your favorite ecosystem tools, including OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Grafana. Integrate into existing pipelines, scripts, and workflows through a built-in, comprehensive API.

F5 NGINX App Protect

Get F5’s industry-leading WAF and denial-of-service (DoS) protection for apps and APIs.