Optimized Application Delivery for Distributed Environments with Multi-Cloud Networking

Published May 10, 2023

Modern application architectures are becoming more and more complicated. Bringing applications together across distributed environments with great performance and robust interoperability is no small feat. That’s why F5 and Red Hat are working together to build new solutions to solve these challenges as part of the future of open source, hybrid cloud, and automation. To learn more about how we’re solving customer challenges through innovation, join us at the Red Hat Summit May 23–25 in Boston, where we’ll have experts onsite.

Through collaboration, F5 and Red Hat are making it easier to connect and secure your cloud networks and applications. As application delivery shifts from CDNs and a single cloud to distributed cloud architectures, managing security and performance across NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams has become increasingly complex. F5’s State of Application Strategy Report found that 44% of organizations use four or more deployment environments, and the vast majority use at least two. This has created new challenges to overcome, including:

  • Limited interoperability and visibility
  • Poor app-to-app communication
  • Complex management with multiple tools
  • Difficulty in securing apps and maintaining compliance
  • Slower development with disparate platforms

Red Hat OpenShift is a key component in reducing multi-cloud complexity by providing a common platform to build and deploy containerized applications at scale across any environment. This makes it easier for developers to innovate and get applications into production sooner. However, getting visibility across multiple cloud networks to optimize application delivery and performance can still be a challenge. In addition, applying security policies consistently to applications across diverse environments can be difficult, which may also increase risk.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services are vendor-validated with Red Hat OpenShift for improved interoperability backed by the domain-specific expertise of F5 and Red Hat, respectively. F5 connects and protects applications and APIs with added security capabilities across public clouds, edge sites, and data centers. With centralized management, built-in protection, and end-to-end visibility, F5 and Red Hat deployments offer improved performance, increased productivity, and reduced complexity.

Connect Your Distributed Environment

Whether your apps are in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge—running on Red Hat OpenShift or deployed directly with a cloud provider—F5 Distributed Cloud App Connect can provide consistent networking services for app-to-app communication. The combination of Red Hat OpenShift and F5 provides DevOps teams with autonomy through automation and self-service tools to deliver applications faster. In parallel, F5 Distributed Cloud Network Connect brings together networks among private or public clouds and branch locations for consolidated connectivity.

Reduce Operational Complexity

Managing the complexity of multiple tools and APIs is the top multi-cloud challenge for organizations. By integrating with existing cloud-native network constructs and offering a shared management console, F5 Distributed Cloud Services reduce complexity and lower the total cost of ownership by reducing tool sprawl. The F5 Distributed Cloud Console provides a single pane of glass across layers 3 through 7 of your network stack, as well as observability into your Red Hat OpenShift environments and heterogeneous clouds. This end-to-end visibility improves troubleshooting for increased application performance and uptime.

Improve Security Posture

Bring additional security-focused capabilities to your distributed Red Hat OpenShift environments through integration between F5 Distributed Cloud App Connect and Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (WAAP) services that include web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and API security. Global application of intent-based policies can help provide more consistent security measures across all environments.

Accelerate Application Deployments

A more consistent experience of Red Hat OpenShift makes it easier for developers and operations teams to build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere. F5 Distributed Cloud Services complement Red Hat OpenShift with an optimized layer 3–7 services stack that includes routing, access, security, and network segmentation, along with automated provisioning. This can decrease time-to-market by up to 12x and increase business agility.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services with Red Hat OpenShift

F5 Distributed Cloud Services provide connectivity and security capabilities at both the network and application layers to enhance your distributed Red Hat OpenShift environments on any private or public cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Customers can more easily manage network operations, application performance, and visibility through a single console to reduce complexity.

Together, F5 and Red Hat can help you automate, scale, and secure your applications with added security features and API protections anywhere. With a more consistent experience, simplified operations, and improved security capabilities across on-premises, edge, and multiple cloud deployments, you can more confidently transition your business to a distributed multi-cloud application infrastructure.

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