Incredible security content at F5’s ANTICIPATE 2018 event

F5 Miniature
Published April 27, 2018

“Guys, did you hear? The team in ASEAN is building a security conference to rival the best in business. They call it ANTICIPATE!”

That’s the rumor going around the F5 world and its true. We’re aiming high in Singapore to build a world-class security conference. We want to draw the best and brightest minds, and the most innovative and agile organizations in Security. That’s our goal and F5’s ANTICIPATE is where we’ll make it happen.

This year we’re at the fine Pan Pacific hotel, on May 3rd. Yes, that date is totally right around the corner, but you can probably still make it. If you’re lucky enough to have an invite, consider yourself a valued presence that we want with us.

Highlights at this year’s ANTICIPATE 2018 include:

  • The Asia launch of the F5 Labs’ second TLS Telemetry report. I’ll be reprising the world-premiere presentation that I gave last week at RSA that showcases its key findings.
  • Speaking of the RSA conference in San Francisco; while yes, it is the world’s foremost security conference, many people from Asia don’t attend. So for you I’ll be relaying what I learned at RSA 2018.
    • How long until Quantum Computers break all encryption?
    • What are the best DevSecOps tools, today?
    • What is the perfect use-case for a WORM blockchain?
  • We’ll also have a session on Epic Fails! App Security Edition, where the finest minds from ASEAN will dissemble on the previous year’s spectacular security fails, and ponder how we they can be avoided.

We’ll also have speakers from FireEye, the South China Morning Post,  Forrester and OWASP. And my favorite part, some mind blowing live demos from our talented engineers. Should you need any final reason beyond these, F5 always has a crazy electronics giveaway, which we can’t win but you can!

I’m beyond excited for this year’s ANTICIPATE! As you can see we’ve got some great security content and speakers lined up and we can’t wait to kick off the show.

If you need to get an invite for a friend, or don’t have one yet for yourself, register here !

The countdown has already begun – see you at the Pan Pacific Singapore on Thursday, May 3!