Unleash the Cloud and Data for a Seamless and Secure Media Experience

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Beth McElroy
Published August 09, 2023

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry’s digital transformation continues as the cloud spurs a shift toward seamless content delivery. The cloud provides several benefits that make it easier for organizations like yours to store, process, and distribute content more efficiently and cost effectively. In addition, the cloud introduces opportunities for monetization by reaching new audiences and distribution channels, which affords greater exposure.

However, bringing content to an expanded audience is just the beginning. Equally critical is providing a great user experience that meets expectations and demands.

The Role of Cloud Computing and Data in Driving Change

According to Statista, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025,1 making the shift to the cloud even more powerful, especially when connected to this increased use of data. Additionally, according to IBM, CIOs report that 20–40% of business processes have been automated, likely motivated by data-driven insights.2

The cloud provides the necessary storage and processing capabilities to handle and make sense of massive amounts of data, enabling media companies to improve operational efficiency, make informed, automated decisions, and measure the success of their campaigns. At the same time, data-fueled insights also help media companies gain a deeper understanding of their audiences, furthering the drive to deliver a great user experience.

However, the increased use of the cloud and a massive amount of data establishes a greater need for security. According to IBM, in the M&E industry, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $3.15 million.3

Bridging the Gap Between Delivery and Security

In light of this, F5 and Google Cloud have joined forces to empower M&E firms to enable secure, adaptive applications that can meet the digital demands of their consumers while keeping accounts, content, and intellectual property safe. The F5 and Google Cloud solution is designed to deliver modern entertainment apps with unparalleled performance and scalability while also mitigating application threats and vulnerabilities across multi-cloud and edge environments.

Adaptability and Integrity

Media companies can now create resilient apps that automatically respond to new cyberattacks, updates to security posture, performance degradations, and changes in the environment. The solution provides multiple layers of physical and logical protection, which allows for the safe storage and analysis of sensitive content regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This helps reduce the burden on content delivery infrastructure and stops attempts to compromise the integrity of critical information.

Flexibility and Security

The F5 and Google Cloud solution provides protection against common application and operating environment vulnerabilities. This allows media companies to mitigate emerging exploits that target open source software and security misconfigurations across multiple cloud environments. Applications secured and protected by F5 and Google Cloud also have the ability to mitigate downstream fraud, such as account takeover, before it happens. By bringing security and fraud teams and data together, fraud investigators can focus on high-value, upstream fraud investigations.

Performance and Efficiency

In addition to the security benefits, the F5 and Google Cloud solution provides end-to-end observability, allowing M&E companies to deliver better user experiences and content delivery. The secured applications have built-in visualization for violations, traffic patterns, and DDoS events, which helps to protect the environment with valuable insights and telemetry across the distributed app infrastructure. The centralized user interface makes it easier for your team to manage your digital infrastructure and make informed decisions that can improve overall performance and help you reach your goals.

F5 and Google Cloud can enable your teams to develop secure and adaptive applications that meet the digital demands of your consumers. With F5 and Google, it’s possible to maintain the balance between efficiency and security.

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