Unlocking the Future: How Partners Benefit with F5 and Google Cloud Marketplace

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Beth McElroy
Published March 12, 2024

The digital era has redefined how solutions and services are purchased, with cloud marketplaces emerging as the primary avenue to find and adopt offerings. Like many top cloud platforms, the Google Cloud Marketplace provides businesses with a catalog of digital services that run on or support Google Cloud-centric technologies. Read on to learn the importance of the Google Cloud Marketplace, its benefits for customers, and how participation by F5 partners can amplify reach while opening new routes to market. 

The importance of digital marketplaces

At its core, cloud marketplaces create a natural watering hole for users to find, research, and transact on cloud-centric solutions. By simplifying discovery and purchasing processes, they connect businesses with the digital services they need, driving solution adoption for customers and partners alike.

Customer value

The Google Cloud Marketplace offers users a curated experience, allowing them to seamlessly explore various software and services. A self-service experience enables businesses to rapidly adopt verified partner offerings, including F5 solutions. This centralized platform simplifies procurement and streamlines billing and management across multiple vendors. For businesses leveraging committed use discounts (CUDs), purchases made through the marketplace contribute toward fulfilling these commitments. At no extra cost, Google Cloud Marketplace users enjoy additional benefits, including complimentary value-add services such as vulnerability scanning and health analytics for critical systems.

Partner value

For partners, the Google Cloud Marketplace presents an opportunity to reach fresh audiences and potential clients by showcasing unique F5 solutions. It provides an avenue to address untapped markets and geographies, delivering verified F5 offerings to customers on Google Cloud. Moreover, the marketplace streamlines transaction processes, offering a faster experience for customers. Partners can continue to serve their customers through this marketplace motion, allowing them to consolidate vendor management, while partners take advantage of committed budgets customers have with Google Cloud CUDs.

Why Google Cloud Marketplace for F5

Google Cloud provides a secure infrastructure for customers deploying on public cloud. Where the customer needs to protect the application layer and above is where F5 can help provide an end-to-end solution. F5 solutions are designed to safeguard applications, data, and networks from modern threats. Google Cloud customers depend on F5 capabilities to meet crucial digital transformation and security objectives. Whether it's network protection, application security, or mitigating advanced cyber threats, businesses are turning to the Google Cloud Marketplace. Notable F5 solutions available for extension through the marketplace include:

  • F5® BIG-IP® Virtual Edition (VE): Provide security and application delivery from products such as F5® BIG-IP® Advanced WAF®, BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager, F5® BIG-IP® Policy Enforcement Manager™, and F5® BIG-IP® Container Ingress Services.
  • F5® Distributed Cloud Services: Simplify app deployment, security, connectivity, and operations with capabilities around API security, bot defense, and account protection managed from a single console.
  • NGINX: Modernize applications at scale with high-performance application delivery, protecting APIs at the edge.

Take the next step and expand your partnership potential

In an evolving digital landscape, the Google Cloud Marketplace plays a vital role for customers, shaping how they explore, embrace, and enhance solutions. This platform simplifies the procurement process for businesses, providing a curated experience with additional perks and enabling F5 partners to engage, assist, and meet customers where they are in their public cloud journey, while helping to manage budget constraints.

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