Applying Lessons from the OWASP Automated Threats Project


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Businesses face a growing battle against malicious bots. They can skew analytics and marketing functions, which can lead to clouded decision-making and have an overall major negative impact on a business. But knowing the latest automated threats is the first step to getting ahead of them.

Join us to learn about the real-world impact of the OWASP’s Automated Threats. We’ll dive into real automated attacks and how to protect your infrastructure with F5. We’ll also highlight the takeaways from those scenarios and how to use them to shape a foundational security posture in an era of digital transformation.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

Real-life case studies of automated attack

The top malicious automation threats used to conduct fraud

The bot protection solutions that detect, block, and protect against these attacks



Peter Silva
Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager - Security


Kyle Roberts
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer


Aubrey King
Solutions Architect - Community Evangelist