How to Evaluate Your API Security Solutions


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APIs are coming under attack at an unmatched velocity and viciousness compared to other assaults on an organization’s digital footprint. While there’s a dizzying array of solutions, not all API security solutions are created equally. So, how can teams find the right-fit approach to reach the summit of peak API protection?

Join us for a live webinar with Datos Insights, Director Cybersecurity Practice, John Horn, who will share research curated from a year’s worth of analysis of API protection strategies and user interviews on what buyers of API security solutions should focus on. He will tap F5 experts to glean insights on market trends, technology innovations, and customer stories to see if we, as an industry, are up to the task of protecting the API-driven digital world.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

The challenges of securing APIs in an expanding ecosystem

Why a holistic approach to protecting APIs is necessary

The importance of adopting integrated security solutions



John Horn
Director, Cybersecurity Practice
Datos Insights


Byron McNaught
Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Chad Davis

Chad Davis
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager