2021 F5 STEM Education Grants for Women and Girls of Color for U.S. Nonprofits

At F5, we believe that world-changing ideas should not be limited by an individual’s gender, race, nationality, or socio-economic status. F5 is committed to helping build the pipeline of tomorrow’s female changemakers and future leaders through our science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) Education Grants by investing in programs to increase access to STEM education and career opportunities for girls and women of color.

Grant Details

  • Those served through the funding must be majority (>50%) women of color and/or girls of color (Priority given to Latina, Native American, Black)
  • Grant funding is unrestricted unless otherwise specified
  • Grant amount is $50,000

Organizational Requirements

  • The nonprofit must be in operation as a legally registered charitable organization or fiscally sponsored by a legally registered charitable organization for at least 3 years.
  • The nonprofit’s focus must be on increasing access, capacity building, career development, or other related work with the goal of increasing representation of women in STEM education, especially the technology sector.
  • The nonprofit must be based and operating within the United States.


All grant applications must be submitted electronically. The application cannot be saved and then completed at a later time. Therefore, we suggest that applicants review the questions below in advance of completing the application. Application total character count maximum is 200,000 characters.

The application will be open from July 1, 2021 to August 6, 2021 at 11:45 pm PST. All applicants will be notified of their application status in September 2021 via the email provided in their application.

To complete the application for a 2021 F5 U.S. STEM Education Grant for Women and Girls of Color, click here.

Section 1: Overview

  • Your organization’s legal name
  • A general description of your organization
  • Organization website
  • Provide a breakdown of the direct beneficiaries of your organization, including gender, age, and race of the population(s) served by your work (for example: Black women ages 18-24, 60%)
  • What area (city, and/or state) does your organization serve?
  • How many years has your organization been in operation as a legally registered NGO?
  • What is your organization's operating budget for 2021?
  • How many full-time staff does your organization employ?

Section 2: Background

  • Describe the group or community served by your organization and the need for your organization in that community.
  • Describe the programs your organization currently offers.
  • What percentage of your board AND staff are women of color?
  • How many individuals does your organization serve annually?
    • 101-500
    • 501-1,000
    • 1,001-5,000
    • 5,001- 10,000
    • 10,001-20,000
    • Over 20,000

Section 3: Intersectional Equity

  • Describe how your organization has been successful in increasing access or capacity building in STEM education for women and girls of color.
  • Describe how your program curriculum and strategy are culturally responsive and relevant specific to women and girls of color.
  • Describe how your organization intentionally recruits and retains women and girls of color.

Section 4: Research, Outcomes, & Measurement

  • Describe any partners your organization depends upon for its success.
  • Describe each outcome anticipated as a result of this funding (an outcome is the change you expect as a result of the project).
  • Describe your organization’s existing approach and infrastructure to conduct measurement, evaluation, and reporting of program outcomes. 

Section 5: Engagement

  • Please describe in detail what opportunities of engagement could be available for F5 employees.

Section 6: Confirmation & Contact Information

  • Do you confirm that those served by this grant would be at least 50% women of color and/or girls of color?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Other
  • List the name and title of the person we can contact regarding your F5 STEM Education Grant application:
  • List the contact email for your F5 STEM Education Grant application:
  • How did you hear about the F5 STEM Education Grant opportunity?
    • Word of mouth
    • F5 employee
    • Social media
    • F5 Global Good
    • Other
  • If you were referred by an F5 employee, what is the name of the employee?

To complete the application for a 2021 F5 STEM Education Grant for Women and Girls of Color for U.S. Nonprofits, click here.


For questions related to the application, please contact