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Interview with F5's Angel Grant - Published by SafetyDetectives

In the following excerpt, Angel Grant speaks with SafetyDetectives about emerging cybersecurity threats, how companies should consider current security solutions, and more.

Hi Angel, Can you introduce yourself and your current role at F5?

I’m the Vice President of Security at F5. I have more than two decades of cybersecurity experience and have been actively involved in influencing the cybersecurity industry in many different ways, ranging from participating on the board of advisors for the PCI Council, NACHA, and FS-ISAC, as well as engaging with the Federal Reserve Secure Payments Task Force.

I joined F5 about two years ago because I was incredibly impressed with the company’s vision and strategy to make our digital world a safer place and really lean into cybersecurity offerings.

What are some of the specialties that make F5 stand out?

To start, it’s important to mention that around 85% of Fortune 500 organizations and many other global organizations rely on F5 to protect and enable applications and digital experiences that are vital to their digital transformation efforts and growth strategies.

Our technology safeguards the most valued assets in users’ personal and professional lives. For instance, it secures the login processes for banking, medical records, shopping, travel bookings, and even government portal activities, such as receiving unemployment benefits.

We’ve been helping organizations for over 25 years, ensuring their apps and APIs are secure, available, and performing. We’ve evolved from being known as just a load balancing company to being recognized as a leading provider in cybersecurity, which was one of the reasons I joined F5. We are one of the few players that is 100% focused on application security, at a time when threats targeting organizations are rapidly growing.

We can securely optimize any app and API, no matter where they reside—on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. This is achieved through our diverse portfolio and distinctive capabilities that span across hardware, software, SaaS, and managed services. This comprehensive approach provides a unique perspective on how to help companies deliver an experience that keeps their customers returning, while simultaneously protecting them.

Read the full article published in July 2023 by SafetyDetectives: https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/angel-grant-f5/