BIG-IP and BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator: Pioneers in Achieving Common Criteria STIP Certification

Rachael Shah 축소판
Rachael Shah
Published May 22, 2024

The digital landscape is fraught with ever-evolving threats, making robust network security solutions—particularly those providing dynamic SSL/TLS inspection—more critical than ever. It’s estimated that nearly 90% of all Internet traffic is encrypted with SSL/TLS protocols, within which malware payloads, phishing scams, and other attacks are often hidden.

In recognition of this need, F5 BIG-IP, including BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, has achieved a monumental milestone by receiving the Common Criteria Security Target Implementation Plan (STIP) Certificate. This prestigious certification is a testament to the products’ commitment to maintaining the highest security standards.

A seal of trust and excellence

The Common Criteria certification is an internationally recognized set of guidelines for evaluating the security features and capabilities of IT products. It is widely recognized and accepted by governments, organizations, and enterprises globally because it provides an objective evaluation to validate that the security attributes of a product meet specified requirements and high levels of assurance.

The process to achieve Common Criteria certification is rigorous and thorough, involving detailed documentation, such as the STIP, which outlines the product's security features and measures taken to implement these features effectively.

By meeting the requirements necessary to obtain the Common Criteria STIP Certificate, BIG-IP and BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator demonstrate that they can stand up to the scrutiny of independent security experts. This is not just a badge of honor but a signal to organizations that the products they’re investing in have been through an exhaustive vetting process.

“Achieving the Common Criteria certification for BIG-IP, inclusive of BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, is a pivotal moment for F5,” says Joe Scherer, RVP, Solutions Engineering at F5. “It underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and to providing our customers with the most secure and reliable network security solutions available in the market.”

Why is this certification important?

For organizations, this certification provides several assurances, such as:

  • Enhanced security. The Common Criteria certification ensures that BIG-IP, with BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, has been evaluated for potential vulnerabilities and that its security features are well-designed and implemented to protect against a wide array of cyber threats, including advanced ransomware attacks that often gain access to an organization’s apps and network via encrypted payloads.
  • Regulatory compliance. Many industries are governed by regulations that require or highly prefer the use of certified products. F5’s certification means that BIG-IP and BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator satisfy critical compliance mandates, allowing organizations to meet legal and policy obligations more easily.
  • Customer confidence. Organizations can deploy BIG-IP with BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator with enhanced trust and confidence, knowing that each product has met the international gold standard for security. This peace of mind is invaluable in a landscape where trust is paramount.

“In a world where encrypted threats are increasingly common, this certification is a beacon of assurance for our clients,” explains Scherer. “F5 customers can rest assured that their networks and apps are fortified against sophisticated cyber threats with BIG-IP solutions that have been rigorously tested and certified to the highest standards.”

What this means for network security

The achievement of the Common Criteria STIP Certificate by BIG-IP, including BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, is not just a win for F5—it’s a win for the network security industry. It raises the bar for what organizations should expect from their security solutions and pushes other vendors to strive for the same level of excellence.

Network security is no longer a niche concern but a foundational aspect of any modern organization. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, certifications like Common Criteria provide a crucial framework for evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of security products.

Looking ahead

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, it's reassuring to know that solutions like BIG-IP, including BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, aren’t only keeping pace but are also setting and pioneering industry standards. The Common Criteria STIP certification is a clear indicator that F5 is committed to providing top-tier security solutions. It's a reminder that in the world of cybersecurity, diligence and relentless pursuit of excellence are the keys to staying ahead of threats.

Organizations looking to bolster their defenses would do well to consider solutions like BIG-IP with BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, which have proven their worth under the scrutiny of the Common Criteria certification process. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern cyber threats, partnerships with trusted, certified providers will be the cornerstone of effective and resilient cybersecurity strategies.


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