Deliver Better Performance with Global Server Load Balancing

Improve the performance and availability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or fastest endpoint—whether physical, virtual, or cloud environment with F5 global server load balancing (GSLB).

Optimize global app delivery

Ensure the high availability of your global applications in all environments. Global server load balancing distributes user application requests based on business policies, data center and cloud service conditions, user location, and application performance—so you can be confident that all your apps are performing the way your users and customers expect.

Intelligent load balancing

Intelligent load balancing

Support application requirements across data center and cloud environments while keeping apps available.

Always-on  availability

Always-on availability

Distribute app traffic to keep pace with changing network and user volumes. 

Location-based routing

Location-based routing

Route clients to the nearest data center with geolocation-based load balancing for the best user experience.

Automated  failover

Automated failover

Get the flexibility to shift traffic to a backup data center and fail over an entire site, or just control the affected apps. 

Wide area persistence

Wide area persistence

Automatically synchronize data, propagate local DNS, and maintain session integrity to ensure user connections persist across apps and data centers.

Custom topology mapping

Custom topology mapping

Define and save custom region groupings to configure topology based on intranet app traffic policies that match your internal infrastructure.

Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Lets you keep an eye on your entire infrastructure health, eliminating single points of failure and routing app traffic away from poorly performing sites.

Robust container apps

Monitor and target specific container cluster apps with global load balancing between clusters across multi-cloud and on premises.

Deploy however you want

F5 Cloud Services

Get the app services you need, faster. F5 provides global traffic management through cloud-native, automated, self-service solutions.

Virtual editions

BIG-IP VEs have the same DNS delivery features as BIG-IP modules that run on F5 hardware—and you can deploy them on any hypervisor or select cloud provider.


Both the F5 family of devices and the VIPRION chassis are purpose-built, powerful hardware that BIG-IP software runs on.

Customer story

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited enhances app performance

Lightboard lesson

Intro to global server load balancing


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