F5 Architecture Design for Microsoft Exchange

Organizations can reap significant benefits in storage cost savings, support for bigger mailboxes, higher availability and improved archiving features just by staying current with the latest version of Microsoft Exchange. However, moving to a new release requires careful planning and setting a vision for future opportunities while having a strong grasp of your current network infrastructure.

If you are looking to streamline your new implementation, upgrade or migration to your preferred version of Microsoft Exchange, the F5 Architecture Design for Microsoft Exchange can give you the blueprint for flexible and cost-effective communication and collaboration in your organization.

The F5 Architecture Design for Microsoft Exchange service comprises an intense three days of discussion, information gathering, analysis and knowledge-sharing of network considerations for the optimal deployment of Microsoft Exchange in an F5 network environment.

Key benefits:

  • Plan for a smooth transition: Take advantage of F5’s proven network migration and upgrade expertise to create a solid foundation for success.
  • Move forward with new capabilities: Capitalize on new Microsoft technology enhancements that will yield the biggest value for your investment.
  • Design for intelligent application delivery: Enhance the performance, availability, reliability, and security of your communications infrastructure.
  • Maximize network flexibility: Prepare your infrastructure to support additional growth and enable new efficiencies.