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İnfrasis Cyber Engineering
Kişinev Caddesi 4-1 Yıldızevler Mah.
Çankaya Ankara 06550 TURKEY

Authorization Tiers
  • Installation Provider
  • Application Security Provider
  • Advanced Implementation Provider
  • Advanced Security Provider

Today’s business requirements and agility needs to be addressed quickly on many different perspectives and very quickly.  Infrasis, as a full-service cyber engineering company addresses those difficulties by designing, implementing and maintaining F5 technologies at the most efficient level.

We are helping our clients by sharing our real and deep field experience for application delivery, access, security or scalability.  This experience is coming from many various projects we have finished successfully for many demanding customers.

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Extensive Application and Infrastructure Knowledge

Infrasis has worked many years with many different applications whether COTS or custom-written on a varied infrastructure and network peripherals environment.  This gives us the advantage of solving many difficulties quickly and swiftly with our in-house knowledge.

Excellent Turkish or English Language Support & Consultation

Infrasis’ experienced and all certified engineers can help your team with their language of preference for any question regarding delivery, access, security or scalability.  We also provide 24/7 support for anything related F5 technologies including iRules or highly customized configurations.

MSSP Offering

Infrasis offers MSSP services to maintain your already established F5 installations.  We are keen to accept any demanding SLA anywhere in world for any F5 installation.

Expertise on All F5 Modules for All Verticals

Infrasis and its engineers have completed many mission critical projects for all F5 modules from a national to international scope.  We have designed and implemented many irules to extend F5 module capacities to fulfill your business requirements or needs.