Macroview Telecom Limited

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Macroview Telecom Limited
Rm 2305-09, 23/F, Kodak House 2,
321 Java Road, North Point,
Hong Kong.

Authorization Tiers

Installation Provider
Application Security Provider

The core business of Macroview is in providing Information and Communication Technology ICT solutions for enterprises and telecom service providers. Solution is a means to solve a problem.

With the advance technology of F5 and the expertise of Macroview, we together bring you a total solution which provides strategic points of control throughout the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to scale, adapt, and align with changing business demands and drive business forward on a solid foundation of IT agility.

Build a robust IT and networking infrastructure that links up your geographically dispersed operations

Users are increasingly intolerant of website performance issues and expect sites to be delivered in a localized manner. With F5 global load balancing solutions, you can direct users to the closest or best-performing data center—enabling IT staff to determine whether performance or localization is more important when serving customer needs.

Synchronize and keep your mobile workforce up to date with business information

Unified access solutions from F5 make it easy to implement and control bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies for mobile and remote users. Give your users fast and secure access to the enterprise applications and data they need while staying in full control of your network.

Protect your information asset and infrastructure from mishaps and malicious tampering

Shield your corporate brand from damage caused by malicious attacks. With F5, you get comprehensive protection from the latest web security threats, including DDoS and SQL injection attacks, JSON payload vulnerabilities, web scraping, and more.

Scale the infrastructure to support your growing business operations with adequate capacity and performance

Caching, compression, and SSL encryption consume significant resources, leading to decreased capacity and poor performance. Commoditization of server sizing intensifies these effects, requiring applications to scale out faster and incur higher costs. Using F5 solutions, you can offload these services to a shared application delivery tier, improving performance and capacity.

  • IP Unified Communications
  • IP Unified Contact Center
  • IP Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Optical Networking
  • Storage Networking
  • IT Infrastructure Management


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