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The distributed nature of today’s IT environment and the complexity of threats make security goals difficult to achieve without continuous protection. Trace3 provides that protection and makes it simple to manage.

Trace3 security solutions protect your network, applications, and resources while simultaneously connecting multiple locations and providing easy access for mobile and wireless users.  Your infrastructure and applications stay secure, safe, and reliable, which keeps your business productive and protected.

Protect your data

Data is stored on all kinds of devices, accessed from everywhere, and shared by everyone. Losing data can only bring problems for your business, from simple inconvenience to heavy fines. Trace3 helps you protect data wherever it is and even lets you control who can access it and what they can share.

Eliminate malware

The ever-changing nature of today’s malware demands the need for a reliable solution that protects all routes of attack. Trace3 solutions stop threats fast—with limited maintenance required from your team—and helps protect your business 24/7 against new and emerging threats.

Secure your apps

Applications today are accessed in a number of ways by a variety of users, often without security. Trace3 empowers network administrators with a central policy control solution that provides visibility and control without adding complexity to your IT infrastructure.

Ensure email protection

Unwanted email consumes server resources, bandwidth, employee time, and can be a potential security threat.  Trace3 can help by implementing a solution that adds security intelligence to manage and filter inbound email traffic.  Your valuable resources will be focused where you want them: on your business. 

Simplify mobile security

Bring your own device (BYOD) is changing the face of mobile security. You need to protect an array of devices on your corporate network—some owned by employees and some by your company. Trace3 can help you simply secure and manage all your devices and protect the sensitive data on them without getting in the way of employee productivity.

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