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Trends & Technologies, Inc.
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Trends & Technologies, Inc.
6th Floor Trafalgar Plaza
105 H.V. Dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City, Philippines

Telephone number: +63 2 811.8181



Authorization Tiers

Installation Provider

Provide Consultancy and Implementation Services for all F5 Solutions portfolio to ensure that our clients will be able to access their mission critical applications, anytime, anywhere from any device, from any location, fast and securely.

As a GUARDIAN partner, we are given direct access to F5 technical team for consultations especially during the implementation stage, allowing us to work on the project seamlessly. 

Trends’ expertise in delivering F5 technologies has continuously allowed us to implement solutions, products, and services needed in different industries such as financial, telecommunications, government sectors, and enterprises. 

Our technical team has been equipped with more knowledge on F5 Application Delivery Controller and Security Solutions, which will allow us to position F5 solutions across all verticals. 

The partnership has allowed us to deliver a wide range of professional services to all our key accounts. Thus, helping us increase our revenue. 

With this program, we were able to increase our market coverage due to our  in-depth and extensive product knowledge on how to properly position F5 solutions portfolio across all verticals, like Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Public and Private Sectors.

Currently, Trends has 3 LTM Specialists, 2 APM Specialists, 2 ASM Specialists, and 4 Certified Administrators, with 10 engineers providing pre-sales and post-sales support across all products in F5 portfolio. 


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Our participation in the Guardian Program has enabled Trends to explore new opportunities and provide business partners with F5 solutions that in turn, helped them with their business operations. More importantly, we have been able to fully utilize our engineers’ knowledge on F5 Application Delivery Controller and Security Solutions, allowing us to achieve Specialists Level—a feat that no other local F5 reseller was able to achieve.