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Bad actors want big data. Cyberattacks are increasing. Your network is the target. Secure it with F5.

Why Service Provider Security Matters

Demand for new technologies has grown; so have security risks for service providers. Big data makes your company a big target. With F5 Service Provider solutions, deter motivated attackers who attempt to bypass security countermeasures, with resilient protection the world’s most valuable brands depend on.

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Protecting Your Edge

As networks become more decentralized and IoT devices usher in Industry 4.0, the need for security has never been greater. F5 provides security solutions that give you visibility and control within your own network to help you thwart attackers.

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Stop Human-Driven fraud

Cybercriminals attack the telecom industry because the economic gain is high. With SIM breaches, third party application and service abuse, and phone upgrade theft, you need complete mobile account protection. F5 helps you prevent fraud using advanced AI/ML models.

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Securing the Data Center

With the advent of IoT, service provider core network elements and support infrastructure are more vulnerable to outside threats like application infrastructure, service infrastructure and DDoS attacks. With F5, service providers gain a unified, multi-layer defense to protect the data center.

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Get an overview of 5G key security considerations in each of the four planes that make up a 5G core network.

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