The New Business Imperative

Connecting priorities, teams, and budgets to achieve the greatest impact on business performance

The new business imperative

Truly effective digital transformation journeys should always be cross-functional and silo-busting in nature. Different departments must be encouraged to think beyond their traditional borders, interact with adjacent functions, and intimately understand how their work can both boost revenue and reduce cost. Shape Security’s latest whitepaper explores how the traditional fraud paradigm has shifted and what this means for the future prevention tools, processes, and rhetoric of Digital Fraud.

Download the whitepaper today to gain insights into:

  • Beyond Effective Bot Mitigation – evaluate today’s developments in the cyberdefense armoury available to organizations in the unremitting fight against synthetic and human-generated fraud.
  • The Emergence of Fusion Teams - discover how the fraud rhetoric has adapted to encompass a newly converged approach – one that persists and correlates security defenses to better enable business results.
  • Security ≠ Friction - understand how businesses can protect themselves against fraud without compromising consumer usability or adding friction to the user experience.


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