Scale and Availability for Mission Critical Applications

Delivering a top user experience depends on adaptive applications that are highly scalable and always available.

Why Scalability and Availability are Mission Critical

When mission critical applications are down or performing poorly, mission success can be put in serious jeopardy. F5 U.S. Federally-compliant solutions provide the ability to deploy applications in a Federal setting in a secure, automated, and scalable fashion across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Provide Mission Continuity

F5 solutions for U.S. Federal agencies ensure consistent and resilient user experiences across all applications and environments. That’s why the world’s largest governments and agencies—including all 15 executive departments of the U.S. Cabinet—depend on F5 to help them reach their objectives.

Accelerate Infrastructure Modernization

Mitigate the frustrations associated with legacy agency infrastructures with F5 solutions by optimizing and accelerating application performance via network and application layers. Leverage real-time protocol and event-based traffic management decisions to dramatically improve application response across your application platforms. 

Explore Scalability and Availability Solutions

Accelerate Application Performance

Safely accelerate your applications to give customers scalable, repeatable, and reliable performance.

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Increase Application and Infrastructure Availability

Easily manage load balancing, container traffic routing, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and full failover in a disaster recovery situation.

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F5 maintains an active product certification and evaluation program to help government agencies maintain a secure IT environment.