Bsides Philadelphia

DECEMBER 4, 2020

Virtual event

BSidesPhilly seeks to create awareness and improve upon the conversation and research of security topics within the Philadelphia region for researchers, professionals, and practitioners alike.  The conference aims to give these various groups a chance to meet, engage in conversation through scheduled talks and events, as well as offer a networking opportunity that will result in new collaborative efforts for research and other security projects.

F5 is pleased to present this year:

Title: Quantum Mary of Scots

Speaker: Peter Scheffler

Abstract: Quantum Encryption is a fast approaching technology requiring security experts to understand the implications it presents.  We only need to look at examples of cryptanalytic’s milestones to see why we need to be wary. Using these quantum leaps, the audience will be entertained and educated on Quantum Cryptanalytics and what can be done TODAY to prepare our data and ourselves.