Avoid Costly Human Errors in Financial Services Using Ansible Automation and F5

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With pressure to move quickly while also accounting for vulnerabilities and avoiding human error, securing applications can be challenging for financial institutions. Instead of using automation to simplify tasks and reduce overhead, financial services are forced to complete those tasks manually. A mounting challenge for SecOps teams is keeping up with the sheer volume and sophistication of attacks, often requiring investigation, diagnoses, and remediation of security threats. 

In this session, we will review how combined with telemetry, can aid security teams to mitigate most common layer 7 attacks enabling SecOps teams to investigate and resolve more sophisticated threats. 

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In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Better understand the true cost of human error in the development cycle.

Learn how automation of security aids is protecting financial customer assets against multiple threat vectors.

See a live demo showing how F5, Elastic, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift integrate to automate certain remediation tasks in your IT environment.


James Jinwon Lee
Solution Architect

Cameron Skidmore
Global ISV Partner Solution Architect
Red Hat