Conquer your Cloud Security Concerns: Join us at AWS re:Inforce!

Tom Atkins Miniatura
Tom Atkins
Published June 24, 2019

Concerns around security have consistently been top of mind for organizations considering moving workloads to the cloud. In fact, RightScale’s most recent State of the Cloud report found that 81% of enterprises viewed security as a major hurdle in their cloud journey. Addressing this common struggle, AWS will this week become the first major cloud provider to run a dedicated cloud security conference (aptly named “AWS re:Inforce” and taking place in Boston) to help businesses discover best practices and solutions for protecting their AWS environments.

While AWS itself does a fantastic job of securing its underpinning cloud infrastructure, the protection of apps running within AWS is ultimately the responsibility of the cloud tenant per their shared security responsibility model. And despite continual advances in cybersecurity, in many respects this is only becoming a more difficult challenge as adoption increases…

“Why?” you ask? A number of reasons:

  1. The number of cloud-based applications is growing exponentially and every application—whether mission-critical or not—should be considered a potential entry point or target that could be exploited.
  2. Apps are atomizing as the transition to modern application architectures (containers, microservices, etc.) continues, resulting in a growing threat surface area.
  3. Cloud developers often circumvent SecOps teams and solutions by implementing alternative services in a bid to avoid deployment roadblocks—which often results in deficient security postures and compliance issues.
  4. Bad actors continue to adapt and keep pace with advances in cybersecurity defenses, using new techniques and attack mechanisms to impact, target, and “own” applications.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Think App Security First with F5.

Our security experts and cloud architects will be on hand at booth #625 to discuss how to design and implement security controls for a repeatable, secure cloud architecture to protect your entire application portfolio now, and as your cloud journey progresses. We’ll also have a plethora of presentations and demos available showcasing everything from mitigating malicious bot attacks to automating security insertion within CI/CD pipelines.

While you’re there, feel free to join F5’s Senior Director of Security Marketing, Preston Hogue, in the Expo Hall Theater at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 26, where he’ll be providing insight into F5 Labs’ analysis of global attack data, helping you understand attackers’ top targets, motives, and attack mechanisms. And finally, if you like a challenge, stop by the booth to take on our annual #F5cipherchallenge for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Don’t forget to grab a free t-shirt as it most likely contains a much-needed clue…

Visit F5’s events page for AWS re:Inforce for more information!