How F5 Partners Use AWS Marketplace to Win New SaaS Customers

Dave Morrissey Miniatura
Dave Morrissey
Published February 02, 2024

As an F5 partner, you can access a variety of marketing and sales tools that help you deliver our best-in-class solutions to your unique customer base. This includes the ability to extend F5 services on major digital marketplaces.

AWS Marketplace Benefits

For businesses running on AWS, the AWS Marketplace offers many benefits and enables partners to expand their reach to offer even greater value to customers. Here’s how.

  • Increased visibility: AWS has a diverse customer base spanning industries, sectors, and geographies. The AWS Marketplace serves as the de facto location where these customers find, test, buy, and deploy solutions running on AWS. Inclusion in the Marketplace provides partners with the opportunity to attract new audiences and prospects with differentiated F5 solutions. 
  • Partner validation: All services featured on the AWS Marketplace must adhere to specific security and quality standards. While F5 solutions already meet these stringent requirements, partner participation in the Marketplace ensures their ability to meet security standards. It instills greater customer trust—further validating partner proficiency in delivering F5 and other AWS-based services and solutions.
  • Simplified procurement: The AWS Marketplace streamlines procurement processes by providing a centralized location to simplify purchasing and managing AWS-based services. This means a frictionless and accelerated transaction process for customers and partners alike. In addition, many organizations with enterprise discount programs (EDPs) utilize the Marketplace to satisfy their existing consumption commitments with AWS. Partner inclusion on the AWS Marketplace allows customers to burn down their AWS agreements while consuming partner-delivered F5-based services.
  • Private offers: AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CCPOs) empowers partners to extend personalized and confidential agreements to customers. This mechanism allows buyers and sellers to negotiate specific pricing and terms outside standard AWS Marketplace listings. This means partners can personalize their offers and tailor F5 services to meet unique business needs.

F5 Partner Success

F5 solutions are designed to protect applications, data, and networks from modern threats. Inclusion on AWS Marketplace improves partner visibility and makes it easier for AWS customers to find and consume their F5-based services. From safeguarding multiple clouds to optimizing security operations, F5 partners leverage the AWS Marketplace to discover new customers and satisfy a broad set of use cases globally. Examples of partners providing value-added services for F5 security solutions include: 

Ready to bring your F5 services to the AWS Marketplace? Check out Partner Central to get started today.