API Discovery, Inventory, and Security Webinar


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Recent breaches have exposed everything from your credit score to your age, gender, and even how often you work out. Worst of all, in a recent breach, unprotected APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have exposed the personally identifiable information and login credentials of 37 million people. Given the sensitive nature of the data that can be exposed by unprotected APIs, the need for effective security cannot be stressed enough. 

Join our webinar to learn from F5 security experts why it is imperative for organizations to address security threats to consumers and business — and the steps you can take to get started. You will hear real stories about security challenges, followed by a demo showing what shadow APIs are and look like and how to interact with them, and more.  

In this webinar, you will learn about:

The best ways to incorporate security controls. 

API discovery and API protection rules.

Swagger file generation through discovery and import.

Rate limiting based on the API inventory that gets created.



Cameron Delano
Security Solutions Architect


Joe Martin
Sr. Solutions Architect