API Security Challenges and Best Practices


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Security in the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Digital World

"You can't protect what you can't see" and "it takes a village" are familiar expressions within security and risk teams. Visibility and policy enforcement are fundamental pillars in cybersecurity and critical components within a holistic API security strategy. But the existing landscape complicates those efforts.

Why? Architecture is becoming de-centralized and distributed, transforming apps into a digital fabric of business logic interconnected by APIs. Yet the enterprise catalog continues to be powered by a mix of legacy and modern apps across data centers, clouds, and at the edge. This hybrid, multi-cloud digital world introduces major risks driven by third-party integrations, inconsistent security controls across cloud providers, and continuous code updates across complex software supply chains and CI/CD pipelines.

So how can you secure APIs in this modern digital fabric? Well, it takes a village.


In this webinar, we’ll cover:

The challenges of API security in a hybrid, multi-cloud digital world

How to get a handle on API and tool sprawl

Specific API security challenges and best practices for financial services

Expert insights on trends and solutions for API security



Byron McNaught
Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager


Guest Speaker:
Sandy Carielli

Principal Analyst


Chad Davis
Senior Manager, Industry Practice Group