ISA’s: How to Stay Ahead of Motivated Cyber Attacks

May 13, 2021

Virtual event

Competing for customer loyalty in a digital world is hard. To add to this challenge, leaders must defend the business from motivated adversaries who have evolved their tactics to bypass security defenses and evade detection. Any business that operates eCommerce applications or manages user accounts of value is a potential target and the consequences are significant: account takeover (ATO), fraud losses, damaged brand, and other equally disastrous scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How attacks originate from automation.
  2. Ways attackers adapt using imitation and human fraud.
  3. Introduce practices to defeat your adversaries and protect your business from online fraud.
  4. Case Study on Vulnerability Management


Shehzad Shahbuddin, Senior Solutions Engineer, F5

Rob Roj, Sr. Security Architect, F5