Online Fraud Prevention

Annual fraud losses are set to exceed $48 billion by 2023, yet mitigations may frustrate customers and lead them to abandon brands.  F5 can help.

Stop Cyberattacks Cold with Integrated Fraud Prevention

Cyberattacks that lead to fraud span both security and fraud teams. If these teams and systems are not communicating, valuable information is not shared and it is difficult, or impossible, to see the entirety of the attack before it’s too late—leaving you with reputation damage and fraud loss.

F5 uniquely protects financial services and online merchants with an integrated platform solution that brings security and fraud teams—and data—together to stop fraudsters in their tracks. With F5 fraud prevention, fraud and security management is simplified, losses are lowered, and your customers have a better online user experience.

Simplify Fraud and Security Management

An integrated platform that brings security and fraud teams together with data, AI, and machine learning to quickly analyze malicious activity.

Lower Revenue Losses from Fraud

Whether through automated bots or human-driven activity, avoid fraud losses unexpectedly affecting your top and bottom line.

Give Your Customers a Better Digital Experience

With mitigations to discover if users are who they say they are, you won’t frustrate your customers—which increases loyalty.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

With fraud on the rise across digital transformation and the hybrid workforce, it’s more important than ever to minimize fraud exposure to maintain brand integrity.

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Remove unwanted automation to evaluate truth and intent in clean human traffic and prevent fraud in real time—without impacting the user experience—thereby improving top-line potential while reducing bottom-line pressure.

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