Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Client-Side Security


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As you secure your applications and protect them from security breaches and fraud events, you’ve likely turned to preventative and detective controls on the server side.

On the other hand, client-side threats such as malicious JavaScript, formjacking, data exfiltration, digital skimming, and Magecart make up a significant portion of attacks across all industries. Those attacks can lead to customer data theft, regulatory scrutiny, compromised user experience, lack of trust, stuck sales cycles, and revenue loss.

In this session, we’ll explore the challenges involved in client-side security. We'll cover:

The complexities and challenges involved in client-side security

How enterprises can avoid common pitfalls when addressing client-side security

The benefits of looking at the client-side environment to mitigate risk


Dor Zakai

Dor Zakai
Senior Director Solutions Engineering


Marcus Sorour
Director Communications EMEA


Patrick Zoller
Security Solutions Architect