Cybersecurity Myths That Are Harming Your Business

OCTOBER 21, 2020

Virtual event
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Myths have always made up some of the most well-known stories and folklore around the world. But the last thing you want to do is base real business decisions and security outcomes on a well told story, even if it does sounds convincing. A misunderstanding of what does and does not protect your digital footprint can lead to devastating breaches.

Join us for this webinar as Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center, and former FBI Agent, separates fact from fiction when it comes to defending your apps from sophisticated adversaries, including:

  • Understanding how MFA just adds more information to the dossier of a targeted account.
  • Password schemes will not protect user accounts from being taken over.
  • CAPTCHA is a fabled response to a sophisticated problem.  

Speaker: Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center and Former FBI Agent