F5 Officially Supporting Ansible for Application Services Deployment

Lori MacVittie Miniature
Lori MacVittie
Published June 18, 2018

As part of the robust and expanding Ansible ecosystem, F5 provides a wide variety of Ansible modules to automate the onboarding, configuration and deployment of F5 application services. Enabling Ansible-based automation simplifies, enables repeatability, and reduces errors in F5 platform deployments in cloud environments.

According to our 2018 State of Application Delivery survey, 20% of organizations are using Ansible to automate deployments today. That’s second only to bespoke Python scripts (39%) and just ahead of Puppet (19%), making it one of the top three automation tools in use today.

That’s why it’s exciting to announce that F5 is supporting the official F5 Ansible modules delivered in Red Hat Ansible distributions.  You can read more details in our F5 Ansible Support Policy.

In addition to Red Hat Ansible, F5 is committed to a variety of open source initiatives. We use and contribute to open source projects and deliver a number of solutions as open source projects including:

That’s in addition to repositories filled with a copious amount of open source solutions ranging from deployment scripts to automation to integration.

Automate away with confidence that we’ve got your back when it comes to Ansible and F5.