F5 Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Protection on the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Leaders trust F5® Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Services at the world’s largest banks, retailers, airlines, utility providers, and other enterprises. Now, organizations of all sizes that deploy the ForgeRock® Identity Platform can also take advantage of these powerful tools from F5 to seamlessly authenticate users and stop online fraud for a range of positive impacts on your business and its bottom-line.

With F5 and ForgeRock, organizations can accelerate time-to-service, reduce total cost of operations (TCO), and increase security across connected people, devices, and accounts. This integrated solution helps ForgeRock users rapidly and securely deploy and update their applications and APIs no matter where they reside. This solution also helps reduce TCO by consolidating multiple networking and security services into a unified and fully cloud-based offering that is integrated across services.

Together, F5 and ForgeRock help all types of institutions, organizations, and enterprises of every size to connect and secure distributed applications across public/private cloud and edge infrastructure.

ForgeRock Identity Platform

ForgeRock is consistently described as a global leader in the identity and access management space and offers a range of digital identity solutions across industries. The company delivers modern identity and access management solutions that help consumers, employees, and even IoT to simply and safely access the connected world. ForgeRock solutions help more than 1,300 organizations around the world orchestrate, manage, and secure the complete identity lifecycle across cloud and hybrid environments.

For institutions and enterprises of every size, ForgeRock and F5 work together to deliver easy access to powerful solutions that defend against a range of fraud and abuse.

F5 Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Services

Fraud/Digital/Sec-Ops teams can bring extra security to an organization’s applications, APIs and endpoints on the ForgeRock Identity platform by leveraging F5’s proven approach to solving today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity and fraud challenges. F5 empowers users to deliver exceptional and secure digital engagements across a wide variety of use cases for financial services institutions (FSI), utilities, retail, and much more.

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection

Organizations often struggle to find balance amid a variety of challenges such as continuously retooled cyber threats, pressure to reduce customer friction, surges in fraud cases, and staffing shortages. F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection quickly and easily alleviates some of these challenges by mitigating account takeovers and preventing fraudsters from opening accounts.

Distributed Cloud Account Protection monitors transactions in real-time across the entire user journey to determine user intent—and most importantly, to accurately identify malicious activity. This industry-leading solution detects and eliminates online fraud with AI powered by a real-time closed-loop engine that stops illegitimate activity before it happens. Available as a cloud-managed service, Distributed Cloud Account Protection delivers real-world fraud prevention outcomes and continually maintains and tunes itself to reduce fraud and relieve internal pressures on an ongoing basis.



Use Cases Features Key Benefits

Account Protection protects ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments from a range of attacks, including:

  • Account Takeover
  • Account Opening
  • Credential Stuffing
  • Online Fraud

Watch the video, Stop Online Fraud, to learn more about these and other features:

  • Unified, secure telemetry
  • Real-time fraud decisions
  • High-efficacy, real-time fraud mitigation
  • Adaptive machine learning
  • Protect legitimate users
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce support costs
  • Reduce fraud losses


F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

Another powerful component of the F5 solution for ForgeRock deployments is F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence. Proper identity verification identity recognition is key to combating the spread of fraud, both online and off. This solution challenges unknown users, identifies multiple users on one device, determines user intent, and maintains globalized historical profiles—all to make life easy for good known users, but hard for everyone else.

With Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence, users can securely enable trust across the entire customer journey while reducing customer friction and website abandonment. Even when an attack campaign tries to bypass F5 defenses by somehow retooling (typically by updating software or leveraging new proxies), this powerful  distributed cloud platform solution is still able to identify the campaign based on hundreds of other signals.



Use Cases Features Key Benefits
Authentication Intelligence securely enhances your customer experience by optimizing:
  • Continuous Authentication
  • User Authentication
  • Remove MFA
  • Unified, secure telemetry
  • Proven obfuscation architecture at all layers
  • Networked fraud insights
  • Augmented ML and AI with humans in the loop at Web-Scale
  • Reduce friction for revenue-impacting events
  • Increase ROI through lower support costs
  • Improve existing multifactor customer experiences



On the ForgeRock Identity Platform, connectors are used to connect to external resources such as F5 Distributed Cloud Risk and Fraud Services, and the F5 connector can be downloaded here. The connector itself is not a separate product; it can be considered as another method of deployment for Distributed Cloud Services. Connectors are useful in that they reduce overall complexity in customer deployments by providing high levels of security that could otherwise require multiple products and solutions, often from multiple vendors, and still not achieve the same results.


F5 Distributed Cloud Services deliver the highest levels of protection from fraud and risk for ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments. With an easily deployed plug-in connector, we protect FSI, enterprise and e-commerce deployments with data analytics and controls that guard against a range of cybersecurity threats and fraud use cases without compromising the user experience. In order to stop these threats, every user request—from the first visit through account creation, authentication, and transaction—is interrogated for risky or malicious behavior.

  • Distributed Cloud Account Protection is an AI/ML-based fraud engine designed to predict and mitigate if a transaction is risky or malicious
  •  Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence models good user behavior to help ensure safe user journeys and frictionless customer experiences

For more information about F5 Distributed Cloud Services for the ForgeRock Identity Platform, visit f5.com/forgerock or contact forgerock@f5.com, and download the plug-in connector from the ForgeRock Downloads page.

Understanding the Economics Behind Cyberattacks in Financial Services

One recent study found that financial services institutions (FSI) are hit by cyberattacks 300 times more often than companies in other industries. For fraudsters, the return on investment in FSI is simply more attractive than elsewhere. By understanding the economics of today’s most prevalent cyber threats, network and security operators can wage a more effective defense to protect against nefarious players, no matter the industry.

  • Attackers launch a staggering number of attacks knowing that just a few might lead to account takeover and fraud
  • Credential stuffing is a common type of attack, and it is helped by the bad habit of users re-using usernames and passwords across multiple applications
  • The cost per credential stuffing attempt is less than $0.002
  • An IEEE-Security report shows that when consumers are notified that their accounts have been breached, only about a third change their passwords.

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  • Financial services, eCommerce, and utility provider sites are continually exposed to cyberattacks
  • Fraud takes all forms, including fake accounts and takeover of legitimate accounts
  • For cybercriminals, e-commerce targets can be lucrative; in ecommerce alone, fraud losses are estimated at $48 billion/year
  • Slash fraud and abuse
  • Increase top-line revenue and conversion rate
  • Remove friction from the user experience
  • Determine user intent
  • Prevent reputational damage
  • Maximize applications security against manual fraud
  • Reduce customer support expense
  • F5 enables ForgeRock users to secure their applications, APIs, and websites with best-of-breed Distributed Cloud Services, including:
    • Distributed Cloud Account Protection
    • Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence
  • F5 Distributed Cloud Fraud and Risk Services are easily deployed via a simple connector