Tech for Good Giving & Partnership Guidelines


At F5, we believe that—because we are all connected—we can be a force for good through efforts to improve our communities by driving technology advancement and digital transformation. This is true now more than ever given the challenges nonprofits are facing during these unprecedented times. That is why we have created a fund within our Tech for Good initiative to provide grants to nonprofits to support them in their digital transformation right now. Our funding priority with F5’s Tech for Good COVID-19 Response Grants is that these grants will be used to improve technology infrastructures so that nonprofits can adjust to and thrive as remote workforce demands increase. We are committed to helping nonprofits to keep those they serve, their donors, employees, and volunteers safe, healthy, and productive.

The F5 Tech for Good COVID-19 Response Grants will be one-time $10,000 USD grants. Funding will be prioritized based on F5 office location presence and operational urgency to support the public in response to COVID-19.

Organizational Eligibility

In order to receive an F5 Tech for Good COVID-19 Response Grant organizations must be a nonprofit defined by local laws and regulations. Nonprofit organizations in the United States must be recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Nonprofits based outside of the United States will be required to complete an Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility (EER) vetting process managed by CAF America, unless the nonprofit has completed one within the last 2 years. Funding will be contingent on the completion of this EER process if your applicant is selected to be granted. F5 will cover the costs of this vetting.


All grant applications must be submitted electronically. The application cannot be saved and returned to complete at a later time therefore, it is suggested to review the application questions below in advance to completing the application. 

Apply here.