API Days

JUNE 30, 2020

Virtual Event

Discover what are the best business cases and technical practices to successfully start and scale an API program, and what are the challenges of API policies and what to expect on Banking, Healthcare, Retail and Insurance.

API calls now represent 83% of all web traffic. In this highly competitive landscape why would developers choose to use your API?

Speed. According to our research, you need to process an API call in 30ms or less. If you are the fastest, developers will choose you.

In a world increasingly connected with APIs, applications rely on each other to operate. With the continuous demand to always go faster, businesses and customers are expecting everything to be real-time. But, in this highly connected world, a “slow” API in the digital supply chain may make the whole internal production or business workflow fail, or not deliver the expected customer experience. How can we build reliable and fast real-time architecture? What monitoring best practices do you need to apply to achieve speed and guarantee safety at the same time?  What paradigm do you need to understand to transition to an Event-Driven architecture? 

NGINX Workshop:  Is your API Real Time?

Speaker: Kevin Jones

NGINX is the world’s number one API gateway, delivering the vast majority of today’s API traffic, deployed as standalone gateways or embedded in API management products. This workshop is about deploying NGINX as a lightweight API gateway in a way that supports long-term maintenance and can be automated with common DevOps tooling.

In this hands-on workshop, you will configure NGINX to perform the common API gateway functions of request routing, rate limiting, and authentication for multiple APIs. We will also touch on advanced use cases such as HTTP method enforcement, and JSON validation.

Kevin Jones is an artist and geek-turned-engineer passionate about technology, teaching others, and helping businesses increase their architectural acumen. At NGINX he is responsible for creating solutions which help customers achieve digital transformation and is heavily involved in the NGINX community as a technical evangelist.

Previous experience of NGINX is valuable, but not essential. Technical requirements:

  • Mandatory: laptop with internet connection
  • Highly recommended:  clean installation of NGINX (minimum 1.14.0) – limited assistance for this task will be available at the workshop
  • Recommended:  command line tools – curl, wget, jq