Securing Your Apps & APIs in the Cloud

AUGUST 13, 2020

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm PDT
Virtual Meet-Up


Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures are becoming the expected standard for architecture teams to buildout and for operations teams to maintain and deploy. Ever faster DevOps workflows are now an expectation for any digital enterprise, not a goal. And the code DevOps teams are pushing out is typically now packaged in containers, creating an increasingly distributed application landscape.

So how can organizations still practice effective application security policy without impacting or crippling their modernization initiatives? NGINX can help with that.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • NGINX Plus as an integrated, cloud-native Load Balancer and API Gateway in NGINX Plus
  • NGINX App Protect as the new cloud-native WAF extension for NGINX Plus
  • Demo of both working in tandem to set:
    • Edge routing policy
    • Edge security policy
    • And Extending down to Granular, Per-App Security Policy