Defense Intense - Portable Multi-Cloud Security for the Agile Era


Defending apps in the cloud can be difficult – especially if you are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. No matter where you deploy, your apps need resilience, which means robust defenses to ensure their continued availability. Ensure your customers (and their data) get the protection they need in the face of current and emergent threats. Not all risks are related to software vulnerabilities - some, such as “credential stuffing”, are inherited from breaches that have occurred elsewhere.

Portable, proactive security is possible. Make sure your development teams have access to the tools they need to enable them to move fast while still delivering the confidentiality, integrity, and availability your customers expect and deserve. There are lots of options; be sure to leverage the ones best suited to protect your technology platforms and business priorities.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to build an application protection strategy that will proactively protect your assets across clouds
  • How you can go beyond vulnerability management and address real business risks, such as denial of service, fraud, and intellectual property theft
  • How multi-cloud can help you stay ahead of your competitors and reap the rewards of economy scale and pricing
  • How F5 can help your organization identify and solve problems that are impacting your bottom line


Nathan McKay

Nathan McKay

Solutions Marketing Manager,
F5 Networks

Robert Haynes

Robert Haynes

Cloud Technical Marketing,
F5 Networks

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