3-Part Webinar Series: Fraud Awareness and Prevention

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Protect your online applications from advanced threats like credential stuffing and account takeover (ATO) attacks. As online traffic increases and your digital footprint expands, so does the attack surface of your apps—be ready.

This webinar series will help you understand how to disrupt sophisticated attackers who are adept at retooling against your countermeasures.

3-Part Webinar Series Details:

2021 Credential Stuffing Report: Findings on Password Storage


This discussion will explore the 2021 Credential Stuffing Report findings around password storage techniques and how they relate to credential theft events, as well as provide recommendations for breaking this lifecycle and reducing the widespread risk of credential stuffing.

Sander Vinberg
Threat Research Evangelist, F5

Jason Lang
Senior Solutions Engineer, F5






Combating Costly Account Takeover: The Fastest Growing Threat in Fraud


There are many ancillary costs of failing to stop fraud attacks as well, such as impacting customer loyalty, negative brand association, negative news headlines and more. In this session, we’ll examine how effective fraud prevention prevents immediate and downstream costs.

Carlos Asuncion
Director, Solutions Engineering, Shape Security part of F5



Excellence in Digital Experience and the Future of Fighting Fraud


As online activity increases and digital footprints expand, so too does the overall application attack surface. This session showcases the need for organizations to align their application security, digital fraud, CX and marketing teams to positively impact both top and bottom-line outcomes, demanding elasticity from the platforms committed to delivering this holistic approach to digital transformation.

Shehzad Shahbuddin
Senior Solutions Engineering, F5