Introducing Application-Centric Management with BIG-IQ 6.0


The latest release of BIG-IQ enables you to manage and troubleshoot your applications and the F5 services supporting them in exciting new ways. Sure, the newest release is packed full of new functionality such as advanced analytics and central management of DNS. But this release is about more than just new features. BIG-IQ 6.0 represents a sea change in network and application management.

With BIG-IQ 6.0, application teams can, for the first time, see and manage network and security services for their own applications. This new approach to management empowers your application teams with role-specific portals to view application performance and create templates to easily roll out new applications plus much more.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How BIG-IQ can transform how you manage your applications
  • How you can track the performance and troubleshoot application and network issues with advanced analytics
  • How BIG-IQ can automatically scale your network services as your business needs change

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