F5 Distributed Cloud Use Cases for Adobe Commerce Security

F5 Distributed Cloud Services are trusted by leaders at the world’s largest banks, retailers, and airlines. Now retailers of all sizes can deploy these same powerful tools to protect their Adobe Commerce sites against malicious bots, seamlessly authenticate users, and stop online fraud. It has never been easier to fully maximize your Adobe Commerce investment with the cybersecurity and fraud defenses you need to protect customers, transactions, and your business. With F5 Distributed Cloud managed services, you can thwart malicious bots, prevent online fraud, and elevate trust for your legitimate users.

Adobe Commerce Platform

Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento Commerce, is described by Gartner as a “leader” in the digital commerce space and can be deployed on-premise, via Adobe managed services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. This robust commerce solution can be customized to meet the needs of the full range of e-commerce retailers and is particularly suited to organizations that use other Adobe products, given its ability to leverage digital marketing assets and insights across the Adobe suite.

Adobe Commerce is already in use across a wide range of industries around the globe. While most clients report annual gross merchandise values (GMVs) below $50 million, the platform is also used by some retailers that generate more than $1 billion annually. Amongst its most well-known users are global brands like HP, Liebherr, Rossignol, and FoodServiceDirect.com. For retailers of every size, Adobe and F5 work together to deliver easy access to powerful solutions that defend against a range of fraud.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services for Protection Against Bots and Fraud

Secure your Adobe Commerce applications by leveraging F5’s proven approach to solving today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity and fraud challenges—empowering you to deliver exceptional and secure digital engagements. F5 Distributed Cloud Services support a wide variety of use cases for e-commerce businesses of every size to connect and secure distributed applications across public/private cloud and edge infrastructure while leveraging a single policy engine and management console.


F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

With the highest real-world efficacy, F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense uses JavaScript and API calls to collect telemetry and mitigate against malicious bots in real time. It guards against nefarious actors to protect your customers, their digital experiences, and your business. Malicious bots can dramatically increase your costs, significantly slow your site, frustrate customers, and critically damage your brand.

Adobe Commerce users achieve highly effective protection against even the most sophisticated bots with our unparalleled analysis of devices and behavioral signals and gain the advantage of our network effect. Have confidence knowing your Adobe applications are protected by our adaptive platform that stays ahead of constantly retooling attackers.

Use Cases

Bot Defense protects Adobe Commerce websites from a range of attacks, including:


  • Easy deployment with pre-built connectors
  • Highest-efficacy, real-time bot mitigation
  • Tamper-resistant code obfuscation and reverse engineering security protection
  • Protection for web, mobile and APIs

Key Benefits

  • Ease the security burden of fighting bots
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce fraud
  • Remove security friction

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection

F5 has unparalleled expertise in not just identifying whether any given request was made by a bot or human, but in knowing whether the request was made with malicious or benign intent. To accomplish this, F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection is powered by a closed-loop AI engine and large-scale unified telemetry built on more than a billion transactions per day. Distributed Cloud Account Protection monitors transactions in real-time from across the entire user journey to determine user intent—and most importantly, to accurately identify malicious activity.

To keep up with an ever-changing threat landscape, Distributed Cloud Account Protection uses adaptive ML for fast retraining and continuous enhanced detection. It identifies 2x more fraud than current solutions, with low false positives, and reduces MFA friction by up to 90% for legitimate consumers.

Organizations often struggle to balance continuously retooled threats, pressure to reduce customer friction, surges in fraud cases, and staffing shortages. Mitigating account takeovers and preventing fraudsters from opening accounts are now easily achieved with Distributed Cloud Account Protection.

Use Cases

Account Protection protects Adobe Commerce websites from a range of attacks, including:

  • Account Takeover
  • Account Opening
  • Credential Stuffing
  • Online Fraud


Watch the video, Stop Online Fraud, to learn more about these and other features:

  • Unified, secure telemetry
  • Real-time fraud decisions
  • High-efficacy, real-time fraud mitigation
  • Adaptive machine learning

Key Benefits

  • Protect legitimate users
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce support costs
  • Reduce fraud losses

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence is the third component of the F5 solution for Adobe Commerce. Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence greatly improves the user experience by eliminating login friction for legitimate returning consumers. This solution identifies returning known good users in real-time using a network of globalized signals from billions of daily transactions combined with powerful AI, precision ML, and human intelligence. Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence detects fraud, detects multiple users on one device, determines the intent, and maintains a globalized historical profile—all to make life easy for good users, but hard for everyone else.

Proper identity verification is key to combating the spread of fraud, both online and off. With Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence, you can securely enable trust across the entire customer journey while reducing customer friction and abandonment. When an attack campaign tries to bypass F5 defenses by somehow retooling (typically by updating software or leveraging new proxies), this powerful solution is still able to identify the campaign based on hundreds of other signals.

Use Cases

Authentication Intelligence securely enhances your customer experience by optimizing

  • Continuous Authentication
  • User Authentication


  • Unified, secure telemetry
  • Proven obfuscation architecture at all layers
  • Networked fraud insights
  • Augmented ML and AI with humans in the loop at Web-Scale


  • Reduce friction for revenue-impacting events
  • Increase ROI through lower support costs
  • Improve existing multifactor customer experiences


Our Adobe Commerce Extension (aka connector) has been packaged to deliver all three services mentioned above and is quickly and easily integrated into Adobe Commerce applications via the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. For Adobe Commerce users, extensions are simply packaged lines of code that extend or customize Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source behavior. This can include modules that extend Adobe capabilities, themes that change the look and feel of your storefront and Admin, and language packages to localize your storefront and Admin.


The F5 Distributed Cloud Services extension essentially creates an integration with F5 Bot Defense, Account Protection, and Authentication Intelligence—all provided as a fully managed service—to protect your Adobe Commerce deployment. As a managed service, there’s no need for daily rule-setting, and no hefty user manual to study.

Salesforce diagram

As soon as the F5 Distributed Cloud extension is deployed, it operates instantly and unobtrusively. Any time the platform determines in real-time that an application request is from a fraudulent source, that source is immediately blocked—all without introducing any friction (such as the need for multi-factor authentication, CAPTCHA, etc.) to legitimate human users.


Most importantly, across all of the three services, as soon as a new attack technique is observed on one customer, new countermeasures are autonomously deployed, and details are shared so all other F5 customers are immediately inoculated as well.



F5 Distributed Cloud Services deliver the protection you need for your Adobe Commerce deployment. With an easily deployed plug-in extension, we protect your e-commerce deployment with unified sets of data analytics and controls that guard against a range of cybersecurity threats and fraud use cases. In order to stop these threats, every user request—from the first visit through account creation, authentication, and transaction—is interrogated for risky or malicious behavior.

  • Distributed Cloud Bot Defense blocks 99 percent of malicious automation at the origin
  • Distributed Cloud Account Protection is an AI-based fraud engine designed to predict and mitigate if a transaction is risky or malicious
  • Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence models good user behavior to help ensure safe user journeys and frictionless customer experiences

This comprehensive solution can have a range of impacts on your business and its bottom-line. With F5 Distributed Cloud Services, you’ll be able to accelerate time-to-service, reduce TCO, and increase security. The F5 solution helps Adobe Commerce users rapidly and securely deploy and update their retail applications and enjoy lower total cost of operations (TCO) by consolidating multiple networking and security services into a unified and fully cloud-based offering that is integrated across services. TCO is further reduced through fewer standalone services to purchase/support and less time to design and troubleshoot.

For more information about F5 Distributed Cloud Services for Adobe Commerce security, visit f5.com/acc or contact acc@f5.com, and download the plug-in extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.

Learn more

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense: https://www.f5.com/cloud/products/bot-defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection: https://www.f5.com/cloud/products/account-protection

F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence: https://www.f5.com/cloud/products/continuous-authentication-intelligence

Deter Sophisticated e-Commerce Fraud and Abuse with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense (video): https://youtu.be/6t35e16ZiA8

Case Study: Retailer Solves Shoe-Bot Spikes, Fixes Fraud, Friction and Fake: https://www.f5.com/customer-stories/retailer-solves-shoe-bot-spikes-fixes-fraud-friction-and-fake

Stop Fraud Without Friction: How to detect and defeat modern cyberattacks: https://www.f5.com/resources/library/security/ecommerce

Watch the video, Q2 Uses Security Automation to Block 97% of Malicious Traffic with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense.

  • eCommerce sites are continually exposed to cyberattacks
  • Fraud takes all forms, including gift-card fraud, fake accounts, and takeover of legitimate accounts
  • For cybercriminals, e-commerce targets can be lucrative; in 2021 losses to payment fraud alone were projected to surpass $20 billion annually

  • Stop bots and other automated attacks
  • Lower fraud and abuse
  • Prevent reputational damage
  • Remove friction from the user experience
  • Improve application performance and uptime
  • Maximize Adobe Commerce applications security
  • ·F5 enables Adobe Commerce users to secure their applications and their customers with best-of-breed Distributed Cloud Services for Bot and Fraud via a single, easily installed extension that includes
    • F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense
    • F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection
    • F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence
eCommerce Sites: Three Critical Areas to Safeguard

The F5 Distributed Cloud Services Extension for Adobe Commerce is the integration module that connects the Commerce Cloud Platform and F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense, Account Protection, and Authentication Intelligence. It sends selected telemetry to F5, receives inference responses, and performs mitigation. The solution and its benefits are designed to protect eCommerce websites from a range of attacks and improve the customer experience:

  • Account Takeover: Stops fraudsters from rapid-fire testing millions of stolen credentials against your login applications, eliminating fraudulent traffic before they have a chance to take over your customer’s accounts.
  • Checkout Abuse: Also known as Denial of Inventory. Bot attacks can be targeted at online checkouts, where they add several products to the cart, depleting the available products in an attempt to deliver an advantage to another retailer (while also frustrating your legitimate customers).
  • Continuous Authentication: Reduce friction for revenue-impacting events. Support authentication flows that are continuous and adaptive with the aim of enabling frictionless and secure authentication.
  • Digital Account Opening (DAO): Detect and prevent exploitation of DAO and related digital experiences to ensure that legitimate new users access your site quickly and easily while illegitimate attempts are stopped in their tracks.
  • Scraping: Product information and pricing is often a source of competitive advantage. Control how automated scrapers and aggregators harvest data from your website in order to protect sensitive data.