You’re evolving your network to 4G LTE to meet subscribers’ skyrocketing demands for mobile services and data. But the network signaling that manages data sessions and enforces traffic policies is exploding in volume and complexity, and that slows down your network’s performance and limits growth.

F5’s industry-leading Diameter solutions offer context-aware routing, reliable load balancing, and interworking to legacy 2G/3G network elements. With F5, you can control and profit from your Diameter signaling—even when surges come your way—to maintain top performance together with unmatched scalability and flexibility.

Simplify and consolidate multiple functions onto one platform

No other Diameter solution enables you to deploy one platform for context-aware routing, reliable load balancing, and seamless connectivity to all legacy network elements, interfaces, and protocols. Benefit from full visibility into your control plane to identify and fix network problems and perform more effective capacity planning. Monitor and test network performance with a sophisticated Diameter testing and simulation suite tool.

Grow your network with Diameter load balancing

Scalability is critical to growing a network according to your business policies and preventing network fragmentation that slows down network performance. As signaling skyrockets, F5 Diameter load balancing helps you scale the control plane and introduce new elements based on your operational needs to ensure revenue flow. This increased scalability and flexibility enable you to realize your business strategies while supporting higher service availability and increased traffic demands.

Manage network complexity with an advanced DRA

In 3G and 4G LTE, network architecture becomes more complex. Having multiple Diameter nodes and functionalities requires an advanced Diameter contextual routing engine, or Diameter Routing Agent (DRA). The F5 DRA solution gives you the flexibility to implement a wide range of routing rules and policies to satisfy all business and operational requirements while guaranteeing that signaling messages arrive to the correct network node. It fully complies with 3GPP standards for session binding and core network Diameter routing, the GSMA Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) guidelines for roaming and inter-connect, and many more.

Integrate all Diameter and legacy elements through a superior IWF

Networks move to 4G LTE in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, approach. This requires an interworking function (IWF) for interconnectivity or translation with legacy elements. F5’s IWF solution gives you instant, cost-effective, any-to-any connectivity between Diameter-based and legacy nodes. It’s the only 3GPP IWF solution that supports more than 50 Diameter interfaces for reuse of legacy resources, faster time to market for new services, and overall cost savings.