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Recipe for Disaster: API-first with Security-last Strategies

There is a growing demand for APIs. Whether helping to fuel the digital economy by enabling mobile apps or internally pumping up productivity through automation and orchestration initiatives, APIs are everywhere.

F5 Friday: Container Ingress Services Gets K8s Native

As the world of container technology matures, so does the integration of the enterprise-class technology required to support it, encouraging traditional offerings to move in the direction of container orchestration environments like Kubernetes.

Bridging the Divide: Traditional and Modern Architectures

Today, both traditional and modern architectures are valid and necessary for business to succeed in delivering digital capabilities faster and more frequently and, most importantly, in the most efficient way possible to support its most valuable asset: a multi-generational portfolio of applications.

Digital Transformation and the App Portfolio Explosion

Digital transformation is driving growth of application portfolios and changing the way in which they are developed, delivered, integrated, and ultimately even consumed.

F5 AS3 and Red Hat Ansible Automation

If you have already started automating F5 application services, you are likely familiar with using automation tools such as Ansible. To support more use cases and make application service deployment easier, F5 is releasing Application Services 3 (AS3) as part of the F5 Automation Toolchain.

Back Down the Chain: The Link between Listening and Usability

Not every customer is at the same place in the journey to automation, so we’ve built F5's Automation Toolchain as a set of components that can be broken apart and used independently, then brought together as a unit when the time is right.

Consistent Security in the Cloud Requires Consistency

The challenge of consistent security across applications remains. One of the culprits appears to be that application services aren't always moving with the applications they protect.

Bridging the Divide Between DevOps and NetOps

We've seen too many articles that pit DevOps teams and NetOps teams in opposition to each other, almost at the personal level. That’s not helpful, and this isn't one of them.

Alibaba Cloud Support – Extending F5’s Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

With consistent services and policies in the Alibaba Cloud, and across other supported cloud environments, operations teams can comfortably secure and optimize any app while providing developers the architectural flexibility to pick and choose their cloud of choice.

Oil vs. Data – Which is more Valuable?

In recent years, there’s been a volley of sorts about data replacing oil as the world’s most valuable resource. And, as you might imagine, there is far from uniform agreement on the topic.