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Cybersecurity could be the Metaverse’s Kryptonite—or its Cornerstone.

On behalf of F5, YouGov surveyed 500 IT decision makers to get a snapshot of priorities as they balance the need to empower people and organizations today. One key takeaway: All the Metaverse’s potential to fuel growth, innovation, and emerging industries is at risk if we don’t make security foundational to its evolution.

Security Rule Zero is a Core Component of Zero Trust

Security Rule Zero is a core component of zero trust and leads to more efficient, safer services and APIs.

How Modern Applications Are Built and Deployed

Applications are everywhere and used in all facets of our lives. How are modern applications fundamentally built and deployed? And why is it even more important that they are secure and safe for you to use?

How Telcos Can Protect Distributed Organizations with Digital Shields

Why highly distributed organizations need a centralized policy environment that can automatically detect emerging threats anywhere in the world.

Securing Apps and APIs Everywhere: Why and How

Applications—how they are built, the infrastructures they run on, and the data that fuels them—are ever-evolving, adapting, and changing. As a result, they open a range of potential new vulnerabilities, expand your attack surface, and present new security requirements that your teams need help solving.

F5’s study to optimize BIG-IP Virtual Edition performance on Dell PowerEdge Servers

BIG-IP Virtual Edition has long been an important piece of F5’s suite of solutions, in part because you don’t need purpose-built F5 hardware to operate this powerful, yet agnostic, solution. What’s new is how we’re documenting precisely how BIG-IP VE provides the most flexible platform and detailing the steps required to configure your VMware ESXi™ hosts and F5 BIG-IP VEs to deliver enhanced performance.

F5 and The Forrester Wave™: Web Application Firewalls, Q3 2022

Forrester Research identifies the 12 most significant WAF providers, highlighting that F5’s WAF offers leading API security features and recommending that any organization “seeking a unified solution with great customer support should look at F5’s BIG-IP Advanced WAF.”

Government Agencies Leaning in on Simplifying App Security and Next Generation Infrastructure Modernization

At the recent F5 SLEDFest event held in Austin, Texas, state & local government and education (SLED) leaders and practitioners gathered to learn about how to best manage hybrid cloud environment with the latest IT solutions—and to discuss top cybersecurity and IT modernization challenges and solutions making the greatest impact in the industry today.

F5’s First Climate Target

Setting a climate target is more than just an exercise in number-crunching. It is a responsibility we've approached with great care, recognizing that achieving F5's target will rely on the behaviors and principles that make up the company's uniquely human-first and high-performance culture.

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Named Best in Class for Bot Management Providers in Aite-Novarica Group Report

Criminals can retool bots within minutes to bypass defenses, utilize millions of valid IP addresses, rapidly solve CAPTCHAs, mimic human behavior, and introduce subtle randomness. Aite-Novarica Group’s report reviews leading bot management offerings, recognizing F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense as a Best in Class solution.