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Open Banking Drives Innovation, Introduces Risks for Financial Institutions

The ability to leverage existing financial services products to build new offerings in spaces like lending, payments, and insurance has made it vastly simpler for consumers to complete transactions, manage their financial lives, and control their personal data. At the same time, open API protocols are driving innovation across financial services, and creating significant revenue streams for financial institutions. But where there’s reward, there’s invariably risk.

Clouds Without Compromise

How to achieve operational freedom by mixing and matching cloud providers and app services

Leveling Up Your AWS WAF with F5 Managed Rules

According to Forrester’s 2021 State of Application Security Report, a staggering 39% of all cyberattacks last year targeted web applications, and for good reason. The public-facing nature of web apps, their sprawling surface area, and the ever-present risk of code vulnerabilities make them notoriously difficult to protect—increasing the chances that attackers will find success.

Key Takeaways from F5 Labs’ 2021 TLS Telemetry Report

David Warburton looks at the good, the not so good, and the just plain bad in terms of how organizations are using encryption, sourced from F5 Labs' 2021 TLS Telemetry Report.

Where Are We Now? F5’s Multi-Cloud Networking Strategy and the Gartner 2021 Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing Report

Volterra was listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing for 2020. Find out why Gartner is still talking about us in 2021 for Cloud Networking.

Multiple Clouds Versus Multi-Cloud: Making it Easier to Bridge the Gap

Managing and securing workloads is a complex task as enterprises move towards a connected cloud strategy. Find out how F5 is meeting the demand for a new approach to multi-cloud networking.

How to Be in the Cloud and Stay in Control

Justin Brister outlines how a secure cloud architecture can enable financial services organizations in the UK (and beyond) to meet their regulatory and security obligations without compromising on innovation.

Closing the Digital Business Loop: Adaptive Apps

Observability, aka Monitoring 2.0, is a significant step forward in this technology journey for operators and digital business as they strive to understand and stabilize the relationship between user experience and business outcomes. But it’s only half the battle, and the other half involves analytics and automation.

Is Your Security Stack as Adaptable as Your Business?

When it comes to ensuring every security product in your stack is in the position to do what it does best, an approach that centralizes all SSL management and intelligently steers traffic to your security devices will be the foundation of your orchestration solution.

Protecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to Self-Determination

Cultural Survival is using an F5 2021 Tech for Good Grant to rebuild its website as it strengthens its advocacy for Indigenous cultures around the globe.