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TLS 1.3 Adoption in the Enterprise

Peter Silva summarizes a recent report on how organizations are moving quickly to adopt the new standard of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3, while addressing both operational and security concerns as a result of the transition.

Practicing Safe Containerization

With a staggering 60% of users experiencing a container security incident in the past 12 months, if you aren’t already practicing safe containerization, Lori MacVittie shares five steps to consider putting into practice.

IoT is Having a Big Impact on Enterprise—and It’s Only Going to Get Bigger

There’s nothing like a large conference or event to really show you how new technologies and solutions are impacting the real world. And often, the most meaningful interactions are not with vendors or sponsors, but with the attendees—the people responsible for implementing all the exciting new tools that the rest of us work so hard to develop.

Application Services Update: A little more everything

We look at the trends and changes in application services usage – across security, performance, and identity/access – from the first quarter of 2019.

App Modernization and the March to Digitization

Right now, DevOps is the topic for developers and network experts. The next step in understanding the state of the market was our recent webinar series, Why Application Modernization Matters to Digitalization, in collaboration with experts in this topic. What did they have to say?

F5 Wins Red Hat Community Partner Award!

F5 SVP Calvin Rowland recaps last week’s Red Hat Summit in Boston, highlighting the continued partnership between the two companies that resulted in F5 being honored with a Partner Technology Innovation Award by Red Hat.

Optimizing the Other Side of the DX Equation

The majority of organizations across the globe and in every industry are currently in process of digital transformation. Lori MacVittie looks at the latest trends surrounding the digital economy and supply chains to better understand how enterprises are changing how they develop apps, when they deploy apps, and with what architectures.

Are People the Problem with InfoSec?

Employees are often frustrated with corporate security policies and in general, most people’s primary jobs are not security related. F5 Security's Peter Silva discusses why it's important to devise security policies that work for, rather than against employees.

Repositories and Standardization Can Help Address Network Automation Integration Challenges

Operations needs integration. Without it, we can't automate processes (which is what orchestration is) because processes necessarily span multiple systems, services, and devices—each of which likely has its own operational domain and toolset.

Bridging the Divide: Flexibility and Security

Our Bridging the Divide series continues with Robert Haynes addressing the long-standing myth within the networking and security communities; that secure software architectures are inflexible, and agile-delivered software is less secure.