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Shape makes it ridiculously easy for Fastly users to identify threat levels, then delivers impressive ROI with targeted mitigation

If you’re a Fastly CDN user, Shape’s industry-leading log analysis capabilities are just a flip of the switch away. There is zero impact on production traffic, so there is no risk of negative consequences—just straight up information gathering.

The Third Wave of Cloud is Cresting

There is an ebb and flow to technology cycles. Its inevitability is extant in many theories, such as the S-curve of innovation and a certain well-known analyst firm's hype cycle. Cloud is subject to these same waves. We've seen two very strong cycles over the past ten years, and it appears that a third wave is beginning to crest.

Improving Business Outcomes and Application Experiences with a Cloud Gateway in Equinix

Based on our research, you are almost certainly in the 87% of organizations that operate applications across multiple cloud providers. Of that majority, you're also most likely to employ between two and six different public cloud providers. More than half (51%) of organizations do.

Mitigate DDoS Attacks up to 300x Greater in Magnitude in Cloud Environments: Introducing BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs

For service providers and enterprises transitioning to 5G network infrastructure and modern cloud architectures, virtual environments can now be hosted on low-cost, standards-based servers while moving specific functions to a Smart Network Interface Card, thereby boosting performance and lowering latency in the core and at the network edge.

The Technology Playbook for COVID-19 and a More Agile Future

EVP Kara Sprague: The pandemic has raised the stakes overnight on digital experiences. The playbook for thriving has four distinct phases, which I’ve heard consistently from both customers and industry observers. Several organizations are applying this approach to enhance their operations with new digital processes that will drive ongoing differentiation.

How Containers Change Scalability

The term 'cloud-scale' is often tossed around blithely. It's used in marketing a lot to imply REALLY BIG scale as opposed to, I suppose, traditional not-as-big-but-still-significant scale.

Embrace All People for Who They Are: Life Lessons from Uncle Johnny

I’ve been the Executive sponsor of the F5 Pride employee inclusion group since its inception in 2016. When people ask me why I feel so strongly about advocating for LGBTQ+ F5ers, I tell them, “Because I loved and was loved by someone who taught me—through his life-long example—the importance of embracing all people for who they are, as they are, and wherever they are on their life’s journey.”

Our Pledge for Racial Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

At F5, our commitment to the fight against racism is a foundational part of our culture as a company. We consider diversity and inclusion part of being an F5er. Today, our F5 Appreciates Blackness (FAB) employee inclusion group, the Diversity & Inclusion team, alongside our Exec Team, shared the steps we are taking as a company, and the pledge we are taking as individuals.

Why NFV is More Relevant Than Ever in 2020

While it is true that adoption rates have fallen short of initial predictions, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that NFV is as relevant as it’s ever been. Perhaps even more so.

Privacy Matters in a Data-Driven Economy

Data comes from a variety of sources across the code-to-customer path. Applications. Platforms. Application services. Infrastructure. Devices. All are capable of emitting data that can be turned into business value by the right solution. The elephant in the room during any discussion on the use of data is, of course, privacy.