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Announcing NGINX Plus R21

NGINX Plus R21 is more reliable and secure than ever, importing numerous bug fixes from NGINX Open Source. New variable support in gRPC proxying extends dynamic, API‑driven routing policies to gRPC workloads, and the NGINX JavaScript module has been enhanced, particularly with respect to subrequests.

From OpenAPI to NGINX as an API Gateway Using a Declarative API

Explore how to transform an OpenAPI schema definition into a fully functioning NGINX configuration running as an API Gateway with Web Application Firewall security and a Developer Portal using a declarative API approach.

The Impact of AI Inferencing on Data Center Architecture

To support the full AI life cycle, organizations will require significant updates in their architecture—specifically changes in the network. Failure to do so may lead to the inability scale and unreliable operations.

NGINX One Update: New Features Released

NGINX One is the next phase of our journey and an effort to make all NGINX products easier to configure, secure, scale and manage.

State of AI Application Strategy: Digital Maturity or Madness

Explore F5's 'State of AI Application Strategy', focusing on enterprise AI adoption, security concerns, technology stack, and model management practices.

AI Inference Patterns

AI inference services enable AI access for developers, and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Key patterns include SaaS, Cloud Managed, and Self-Managed, each with unique tradeoffs in scalability, cost, and data control.

Nutanix and F5: Partnering to Nurture Growth, Efficiency, and Heightened Security

As recent industry shifts reshape the market, the collaboration between Nutanix and F5’s BIG-IP product unit not only addresses current challenges but also promises innovation to spearhead future growth and security.

Shift Security Left with BIG-IP Next Access

Learn how to enhance security with MFA and SSO authentication methods and configure secure application access control using BIG-IP Next Access.

Understanding the EU's Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Regulation Compliance in Financial Services

Explore key DORA incident reporting requirements, third-party risk compliance, and software solutions to enhance risk management in the EU financial sector.

New for Google Cloud: F5’s Generative AI Application and API Security

Learn from F5 and Google Cloud experts as they share how AI better secures apps and APIs running in Google Cloud and explain the latest Gemini AI models.