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Container Security Basics: Pipeline Security

In an era of application capital, the CI/CD pipeline is a critical component upon which rests the speed and security of the applications it builds and delivers.

Announcing New F5 ELA Enhancements

Have you ever tried to drive somewhere as fast as you can, but you hit every red light along the way? Murphy’s Law, right? Well, the same thing can happen when you’re deploying your applications—either in your private data center or in a public cloud.

Three Attacks You Can’t Stop with Secure Coding

When it comes to breaches involving apps and data exposure, fingers are almost always pointed at developers. Many times, this is the right direction. Injection attacks and stack-based exploits are almost always the result of insecure code.

Is 2019 Half Empty or Half Full?

With 2019 crossing the halfway point, let's look at some technology trends thus far…

Container Security Basics: Introduction

Container adoption continues to accelerate across (almost) all areas of IT. But what does container security really mean?

The Divide between Configurability and Operability

Lori MacVittie continues our blog series surrounding F5’s acquisition of NGINX, discussing the concept of operational simplicity.

The Magecart Mess

What is Magecart? Magecart is really a term given to a group of cybercrime units. At least a dozen groups are responsible, and each have their own specialty. F5’s Peter Silva examines how it was also last year’s #1 root cause of retail, tech, and manufacturing breaches.

No Room for Silos when it Comes to Security

Let's stop spending so many cycles on what to call each other that we miss the opportunity to create a collaborative environment in which to deliver and deploy apps faster, more frequently, and most of all, securely.

Conquer your Cloud Security Concerns: Join us at AWS re:Inforce!

F5's Tom Atkins provides a quick snapshot of relevant cloud security topics leading into this week's inaugural AWS security, compliance, and identity conference in Boston.

Multi-cloud Consistency is Multi-Layered

When it comes to multi-cloud consistency, Lori MacVittie discusses why a failure to recognize the two different types of consistency - functional and operational - and their importance is at the root of the problem with implementation.