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Top Signs Your Government In-House Cybersecurity Resources Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

Overloaded government agency IT teams face increasing cybersecurity concerns and tight budgets. When you combine this with state and local agencies being some of the most highly targeted organizations by hackers—including malicious state actors and fraudsters—the risk of not having the best protection in place is too great to ignore.

Elevate the Customer Experience and Secure Adobe Commerce Applications with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Secure Adobe Commerce applications with F5 Distributed Cloud Services, including bot defense, account protection, and authentication intelligence solutions.

Top 5 Questions Answered in the 2022 State of Application Strategy Report: Financial Services Edition

The results of our latest survey—including hundreds of top financial services organization leaders and practitioners from across the globe—reveal what modernization trends tied to digital transformation are top-of-mind, both at the moment and for the near future.

The Curious Connection Between Cloud Repatriation and SRE Operations

While the topic of public cloud repatriation may be taboo, more organizations are doing it. And our research and data indicate companies applying SRE practices are the most significant 'offenders.'

The Six Reasons DevSecOps Should Address Bot Management

Given the critical role of DevSecOps in securing the modern enterprise, it follows that bot management should be included among the responsibilities of that particular discipline. Not only is bot management essential to security and thus core to the mission of DevSecOps, but DevSecOps is also ideally positioned to ensure that organizations are well protected against malicious bots.

The Commodification of Cloud

Public cloud is no longer the bright new shiny toy, but it paved the way for XaaS, Edge, and a new cycle of innovation.

Protecting Loyalty Point Programs from Fraud: 5 Key Tips

Many of us are finally starting to plan our long-awaited holiday trips and vacations—perhaps the first chance for a real getaway since the pandemic started. You may plan on redeeming those long-untapped air miles or hotel points that have sat gathering dust in your loyalty programs. Imagine your surprise if you find the loyalty points have been siphoned away by cybercriminals who have defrauded or compromised your loyalty accounts.

I’m a former CIA cyber-operations officer who studies bot traffic. Here’s why it’s plausible that more than 80% of Twitter’s accounts are actually fake—and Twitter is not alone.

Dan Woods: When I consider the volume and velocity of automation we’re seeing today, the sophistication of bots that a given set of incentives is likely to attract, and the relative lack of countermeasures I saw in my own research, I can only come to one conclusion. In all likelihood, more than 80% of Twitter accounts are actually bots.

Data Privacy Requires Protection against Credential Stuffing

With F5's participation, the Global Privacy Assembly recently published the first intergovernmental guidelines on credential stuffing asserting that this type of threat poses a risk to personal data on a global scale and that data protection laws require that organizations protect against it.

The Courage to Ask, “What If?”

F5 announces our 2022 Tech for Good grant recipients—25 NGOs working to build more vibrant communities around the globe.