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State of Application Services Telecom Edition: Emerging as Leaders

As the telecom network evolves to support a wide variety of use cases across different industry verticals, we note telecom respondents are raising their technology profile as leaders.

Application Services Update: Programmability on the Rise

While most of the focus of programmability is on operations today, there remains a significant amount of data path programmability that's vital to enabling consumers to interact with applications.

Cloud Cron: Using Function as a Service to Control Costs

Function as a Service (FaaS) is quickly finding use in a variety of operational and development contexts. And while the rising star of cloud computing is often mentioned in conjunction with APIs and IoT and mobile apps, there is significant use outside development for the technology.

Three Key Takeaways for Asia Pacific from the State of Application Services Report

When we received and started analyzing the results in The State of Application Services for 2019, we took a close look at some of the items on organizations’ agendas. It shows that while our part of the world has much in common with the rest of the planet, there are some important differences.

Did you lose your keys again? F5 can help!

SVP Calvin Rowland digs into a joint solution with Equinix that enables high-speed key retrieval, allowing BIG-IP to decrypt and orchestrate SSL traffic for any application regardless of its location—on-premises, private or public cloud—thereby drastically simplifying multi-cloud key management…and giving you one less thing to worry about.

OK 2019 Pig, Now What?

The Year of the Pig is upon us! Peter Silva offers his thoughts on the coming year and what it might represent for businesses, security, and the larger industry as 2019 unfolds.

How much is weaponized automation costing you?

We know that just about half of the traffic on the Internet today is generated by bots. Some good, mostly bad. Operational efficiencies from automation and machine learning—usually discussed in a more positive context—are also being weaponized to perform reconnaissance probes and attacks alike.

Data Never Sleeps Because Neither Do Applications

The strategic importance of data can only be realized through an application. And an application can only fulfil its purpose by interacting with data. This strategic codependency can be clearly seen in this year’s State of Application Services report.

Containers are Key to Multi-Cloud

Container adoption has been a steady course to consume budget for a couple years now. What may be a surprise is the reasons behind that adoption. Spoiler alert: it isn't really about microservices.

F5 Friday: Declarative Onboarding for BIG-IP

As DevOps has continued to press its case inside of IT, we've seen the adoption of automation and "as code" methodologies, including growing use of CI/CD tools like GitHub enterprise and Jenkins within the production pipeline. This post from Lori MacVittie and the Office of the CTO takes a closer look at Infrastructure as Code and what F5 is doing to enable and support it.