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The Courage to Ask, “What If?”

F5 announces our 2022 Tech for Good grant recipients—25 NGOs working to build more vibrant communities around the globe.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Unpacking 8 Years of Trends

Cindy Borovick: As organizations mature in their digital transformation journey, application security and delivery technologies have emerged as a core capability. In parallel, we have learned that organizations' most precious digital assets—apps—need a full range of helpers under the umbrella categories of performance, availability, security, and identity.

10 (More) Questions to Ask a Bot Mitigation Vendor

You think you solved your bot problem. While performance, analytics, and logs look good, something seems off. All your efforts to improve the digital experience have not borne fruit. Maybe you've taken your bot mitigation vendor through our initial list of items to watch for...but it doesn’t hurt to keep them on their toes.

Apps are Increasingly Distributed. Your WAF Technology Needs to Adapt.

As workload deployments proliferate across diverse environments and app architectures, organizations want to be able to enforce consistent security controls across all applications, anywhere. F5's vision is to offer a unified suite of market-leading web application firewall tools, enabling organizations to deploy the correct WAF for their use case while sharing policies, telemetry, and insights.

Fraud: Less is More

Josh Goldfarb explores how enterprise fraud and risk management programs can avoid high levels of false positives and other ‘noise’ that reduce their effectiveness.

Consumer Choice Amplifying FinTech Data Aggregator Importance, and Associated Risks

Increasingly complex financial services ecosystems are showing new cracks in traditional cyber defenses, and criminals are ready to pounce. Thus, new security efforts must be taken into consideration—and not only for both the financial institution and the FinTech data aggregator, but the customer in the middle as well.

eBPF: It's All About Observability

Full-stack observability is possible today, but at a price: cost efficiency and efficacy. eBPF is about to become ubiquitous—supporting Linux and Windows—and change that equation in the process.

Do You Really Know Who’s Bidding on Your NFTs?

NFT marketplaces, and organizations considering other Web3 business models, need to understand and address the fast-changing security requirements of doing business in the metaverse. To be successful, these new digital exchanges will need to offer dynamic security defenses against bot and other cyberattacks to safeguard their NFT investments, marketplace reputation, and the activities and experiences of customers.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Security Shifts to Identity

Evidence shows a significant shift toward identity-based security, driven by accelerated transformation and the growing importance of APIs. An end result is the eager embrace of zero trust as a foundational approach to security.

Preventing Healthcare Fraud and Protecting Patient Data

Learn how to prevent fraudulent healthcare claims and payouts by mitigating common identity theft and account takeover attacks with these tips and F5 solutions.