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A World Cup of Phishing and Cyberattacks

Jay Kelley, Senior Manager and Security Product Marketing Lead at F5, flags some of the top World Cup scams and IT challenges to look out for.

Centralizing BIG-IP Advanced WAF Threat Visualization, Alerting, and Reporting With Azure Sentinel

Cyberthreats have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, giving security teams little choice but to invest heavily in the latest and greatest technologies to protect their application portfolios and data. For many, this leads to deploying a medley of disparate solutions—generally from a multitude of vendors—to achieve a robust security posture against a wide range of threats.

What is a Digital Service?

Businesses are on a digital transformation journey and the quality of their digital services impact the digital experience of their consumers—be it human, software, or system. App delivery and security is critical to supporting these digital services and enabling companies to compete in a digital world.

Don’t Skip a Huge Revenue Opportunity During 5G Network Transition – Upgrading Your Monetization Function

The evolution of monetization capabilities is a frequently overlooked but critical element of the BSS function. That’s why F5’s Service Provider team is partnering with MATRIXX Software and their Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) as a proven solution in production that ignites revenue acceleration as well as improves performance.

New Study Reveals What’s Driving—and Limiting—TLS 1.3 Implementation

To understand why—or why not (yet)—companies have implemented TLS 1.3, F5 sponsored the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research report, “TLS 1.3’s Fourth Anniversary: What Have We Learned About Implementation and Network Monitoring?”

Why Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Remains a Major Focus this Year – Part 1, Priorities

With so many competing priorities within public sector agencies, both in IT departments and agency-wide, it can be difficult to realize any meaningful digital transformation gains. Nonetheless, agencies stand to gain significant improvements from digital transformation, despite resource constraints.

Online Retailers: Don’t Let Bots Ruin Your Holidays

Simply put, criminals who utilize bots follow the money, and during the holiday season, that unfortunately may include targeting your e-commerce site.

Introducing the F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Connector for AWS CloudFront CDN

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense and AWS CloudFront CDN combine to help organizations deliver secure and engaging customer experiences that are low friction. With AWS, you get the power of their distributed architecture, scalability, and litany of tooling. With the launch of the new F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Connector for AWS CloudFront CDN, you can easily add high efficacy bot defense with a few simple steps.

Expanding STEM Career Paths for Women and Girls of Color

As we mark National STEM Day, Executive Vice President Kara Sprague honors F5’s 2022 STEM Education Grant partners—10 nonprofits working hard to encourage more women and girls around the globe pursue STEM careers.

The Importance of DevSecOps in Blockchain, Decentralized Protocols, and Applications

Blockchain, decentralized applications, and the various protocols surrounding them are growing quickly. Kevin Jones highlights the importance of a security-first mindset and DevSecOps culture to protect the road(s) ahead.