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A Day in the Life: Maintaining Visibility and Control of BIG-IP

Every organization is now in the digital experiences business—meaning that good UX, high performance, zero downtime, secure transactions, and a high degree of personalization are no longer differentiators; they're expected.

Changing Security at the Speed of Business

In today’s fast-paced, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, changes in business must happen in the blink of an eye or have significant negative impact. For security solutions in particular, rapidly increasing capacity or quickly changing configurations can be driven by the need to add new applications or adapt existing ones, or by an immediate and massive influx of remote workers.

Extending Our Recognition of Black Leaders Who Shaped History

As Black History Month comes to a close, F5's Scot Rogers pays tribute to 7 groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Black American activists, artists, and writers.

A Year of F5 Pride in the UK & Ireland

It's been a year since we launched the UKI chapter of F5 Pride, and a lot has happened since then. Scott De Buitléir reflects on our progress to date.

QUIC Will Eat the Internet

QUIC has broad industry support and the potential to be the basis of most applications that deliver business value over the internet. Anyone delivering applications over the internet should start thinking about how their operations should change to reflect the new threats and opportunities that these protocols bring.

Frictionless Future

Providing a great digital customer experience is a business imperative in the COVID era. Today's customers are used to fast, easy, and, in many cases, contactless experiences, and they expect the same from every brand they interact with.

Speed vs. Security: Protecting Modern Apps and APIs at the Pace of Modern Business

By combining the right tools with collaborative development culture, it is more possible than ever before to deliver powerful, consistent protection that matches the pace of modern app development.

OK 2021 Ox, Now What?

According to the Chinese zodiac cycle, the year of the (Metal) Ox has arrived. As the second animal in the zodiac, the stabilizing influence of the Ox points to a calmer atmosphere. Peter Silva gives his thoughts on the months to come and what they might hold for the industry.

Safer Together: Equinix and F5 DNS

There are many tropes in film and television. We're aware of them, even if we don't implicitly recognize them. A common set of tropes revolves around the hero of a story.

Tailoring Kubernetes for Telcos

How operators can take full advantage of Kubernetes for deploying and managing IT and Telco workloads.