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Why You Will Love AWS re:Invent (and How to Keep Loving it When You’re Back at Work)

F5’s Robert Haynes looks forward to AWS re:Invent, sharing his perspectives and tips on how to avoid an ‘enthusiasm hangover’ after the conference when returning from a week’s worth of heady discussions around cloud innovation, enhanced features, and new opportunities.

How Declarative Interfaces Democratize Infrastructure

In technology, simplification means abstraction, with declarative interfaces serving as a good example of that abstraction. By simplifying the interfaces used to provision, configure, manage, and integrate infrastructure today, declarative interfaces democratize infrastructure and open up opportunities for both NetOps and DevOps.

Application Services Update: In search of visibility

It’s time again to dig into the application services organizations are actually using to make apps faster and safer. Of note this quarter again is a continuing rise in use of bot defense services, as well as growth around analytics-related services.

Improving Security by Ignoring Vulnerabilities

Generally speaking, “ignore vulnerabilities” is not something you expect to hear from a security company. And you certainly don't see “ignore vulnerabilities” paired with the notion of “improving security.” But now you have. F5’s Lori MacVittie is kind enough to elaborate.

Standardization is Good for NetOps

When approaching your production pipeline “as code,” it’s a certain bet that multiple sets of operators and developers will be responsible for it. This lies at the heart of the push for standardization—especially as NetOps takes the plunge into developing and maintaining systems to automate and orchestrate elements of the network and application service infrastructure.

Drive a Successful Digital Transformation with F5 and Rackspace

So how does one flesh out a detailed digital transformation plan? First, take a quick look at the relationship between applications and your ambitions around digitalization. Then, work with partners and vendors who have been guiding the application-focused evolution of business processes for years and have delivered tangible results.

F5 Friday: F5 Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Just as it’s true that the application platform—the web or app server or app engine—must be provisioned first, so too must the network and application service platforms be provisioned before they can be configured. Increasingly, and especially in cloud environments, that provisioning and configuration process is driven by systems like HashiCorp's Terraform.

The Open Source Shift

Speculation continues around why businesses and industries formerly reluctant to officially encourage open source software use have suddenly embraced it. Most often, the legacy culprit is assumed to be a fear of legal liability. But another catalyst is the driving force of digital transformation.

Serverless is Real - and Growing like Gangbusters

Serverless means developers don’t need to worry about infrastructure. And the business, too, sees value in its speed and efficiency. Combined with the frictionless nature of deploying code with serverless, you can be out the door with functionality in hours rather than weeks or months.

F5 Helps Launch AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers Program

F5 is one of an exclusive group of launch partners of AWS’ Consulting Partner Private Offers Program, giving partners extended capabilities in making F5 application services available to customers via the AWS Marketplace.