With the depletion of IPv4 addresses and the explosion of new IP-enabled devices, service providers need to support and manage existing IPv4 devices and content while transitioning to IPv6. To further complicate matters, IPv6 devices and content are not backward-compatible with IPv4 devices and content.

F5 solutions help you manage your network where IPv4 and IPv6 coexist. You can manage existing IPv4 addresses while making a seamless, gradual transition to IPv6—and support devices and content for both.

Transition to IPv6 with a flexible approach

There’s not a rip-and-replace solution—IPv4 and IPv6 addresses must coexist in your network. With a carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) solution from F5, you can gradually transition to IPv6 while still ensuring compatibility with existing IPv4 devices and content.

Achieve high performance and unparalleled scalability

Scalability and high performance: It’s a constant balancing act. With F5 solutions, you can scale up to millions of concurrent sessions on a single device. Plus, thanks to TCP optimization, HTTP header enrichment, and high-speed logging capabilities, you get nothing short of best-in-class performance to handle your network needs.

Reduce OpEx and deployment costs

Forget multiple point solutions that are complicated to manage and inevitably drive up costs. F5 provides service providers with a complete set of solutions on a single high-performance, scalable platform.

By bringing traffic steering capabilities together with firewall and CGNAT functionality on a single platform, you can reduce CapEx and OpEx while simplifying your network architecture and achieving greater performance.