Technology Alliance


Forcepoint and F5 partner to deliver the industry’s most effective and scalable web security offerings. Together, F5 and Forcepoint create reverse and forward proxy solutions that integrate bi-directional, context-based security and make intelligent decisions based on user, device, and location as well as application, data, and destination information.

These solutions provide highly scalable security in the flow between devices and applications wherever they exist. This approach enables security for cloud applications and improves the user experience while securing intellectual property and providing inline, real-time protection against advanced threats and data theft.

Increase security

Gain complete visibility and control over web traffic with advanced URL filtering and cloud-based, advanced threat detection.

Lower total cost of ownership

Simplify your on-premises infrastructure by consolidating security functions into fewer devices that are highly scalable, while offloading key web and email security functions to the cloud.

Increase employee productivity

Maximize employee productivity with single sign-on (SSO) technologies that reduce time spent logging in to multiple applications. Reduce network wait times by combining SSL VPN with acceleration technologies, improving remote connection efficiency.

Increase regulatory compliance

Improve your compliance posture with data loss prevention that protects intellectual property with advanced data classifiers and natural language processing. Use advanced threat dashboards to provide forensic reporting on who was attacked, how and where communications were destined, and which data was targeted.

"F5’s higher performance Secure Web Gateway Services work seamlessly on the existing BIG-IP or VIPRION hardware platforms. This will enable us to implement a consolidated gateway solution for web security that allows our employees from all sites to securely use the Internet, with fewer boxes to manage."

– Thomas Harless, Network Engineer, AES Corporation

"While our employees need to use the Internet to do their jobs, granting them unfettered access opens us up to web-based threats and malware, misuse and productivity drain, and regulatory compliance issues. F5 Secure Web Gateway Services can alleviate these problems for us by helping us ensure employees have access only to authorized websites and enabling us to adhere to compliance regulations."

– Farid Mohd Thani, Enterprise Network Architect, Celcom Axiata Berhad

"Today, IT must balance the challenge of ever-changing web threats that can’t be detected fast enough with the need for employees to have legitimate use of the Internet and web applications. As a result, organizations are actively seeking out ways to step up protection for users and applications while also consolidating their security infrastructures. F5 Secure Web Gateway Services, as evidenced by our in-house testing, achieves exactly that."

– Nick Garlick, Managing Director, Nebulas