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Our customers around the world are taking bold action to keep employees safe while continuing to provide essential services. We’re proud to support their efforts.

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Banking and Financial Services

Uninterrupted financial services

With thousands of employees suddenly working from home, one of the largest banking and investment institutions in the United States scaled its VPN access from 400 to 500,000 remote users—ensuring uninterrupted, secure financial services to customers around the world.

covid-19 customer hero stories

Banking and Financial Services

Keeping Ireland in the green

Determined to continue providing secure financial services to customers despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, one of the oldest continuously operating banks in Ireland increased network capacity and expanded WAF/DDoS services.

Banking and Financial Services

Avoiding services disruptions

To avoid any service disruptions that could prevent people from easily accessing their accounts when they most need it, one of the largest banks in America scaled the amount of VPN users they could support from 10,000 to 60,000 per day.

Banking and Financial Services

Proactively protecting employees

Even before COVID-19 began to spread widely in Singapore, a leading insurance and financial services company moved to protect its employees by setting up VPN access as soon as the threat level changed from yellow to orange. Within five days, all of its employees could work securely and safely from home.

Banking and Financial Services

Keeping financial services available

To help keep retail and corporate banking services accessible across Europe, a French multinational investment bank and financial services company scaled its VPN solution to securely handle an additional 35,000 remote employees.

Banking and Financial Services

Protecting customer data

Based in Italy, a global banking and financial services company moved quickly to protect its nearly 100,000 employees’ health and customers’ data as the pandemic spread across the country, strengthening security to support remote work.


Responding by innovating

With millions of Americans working, learning, and sheltering in place at home, a Fortune 500 energy company—in keeping with its reputation as an innovator—migrated to a virtual platform to support all 11,000 employees to work remotely.

covid-19 customer hero stories


Providing quality remote education

To keep students and staff safe, one of the largest school districts in Canada—with more than 225 schools—updated its traffic management solutions so that all 15,000 employees could remotely provide quality education to the district’s 115,000 students.

covid-19 customer hero stories

Media and Entertainment

Reporting the latest COVID-19 news

To make sure readers around the world have access to the latest reporting on COVID-19 while also keeping employees safe, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper quickly upgraded its hardware solutions and licenses so all employees can now work remotely to continue delivering the news to an anxious world.


Keeping the lights on

With over 700,000 customers that rely on them for electricity without disruption, one US-based energy company exponentially increased SSL VPN capacity to accommodate all employees working from home in order to stay healthy and help flatten the curve.


Justice for the people

To ensure that the courts can dispense justice—even during a global pandemic—a provincial Ministry of Justice in Canada quickly deployed a VPN solution so that 1,500 judges, prosecutors, and ministry employees could work remotely and continue to serve the people.


Saving lives while protecting staff

In addition to those on the frontline of patient care at one of the top-rated hospitals in the U.S., thousands of staff needed to work remotely behind the scenes to keep systems running smoothly, so VPN access was rapidly scaled from 2,500 to 13,000 users.


Getting ahead of the curve

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread beyond China, one major multi-hospital health system in the U.S. rapidly upgraded its traffic management solutions so its six hospitals and 10 specialty centers could continue providing exceptional care to patients.


Responding to change without delay

Mounting COVID-19 concerns prompted a public academic health science center—a national resource for excellence in education, innovation, scientific discovery, and patient care—to swiftly enable 7,500 remote users using virtual application services.

Media and Entertainment

Entertainment to lift the spirits

To continue providing uplifting entertainment to millions of people across the globe, a multinational mass media conglomerate increased capacity—within one day—so that 100,000 additional employees could work from home in the U.S. and London.


Keeping prescriptions filled

Understanding the urgent need to continue supporting consumers with their prescriptions and health insurance claims, a Fortune 10 retail healthcare corporation added 160,000 remote workers to its network in under 24 hours.

covid-19 customer hero stories

Professional Services

Maintaining business continuity

As businesses around the globe scramble to respond to business continuity challenges, one of the largest professional services networks in the world increased VPN capacity to support an additional 70,000 consultants working remotely to help organizations weather this storm.

Professional Services

Balancing the books, remotely

To keep operations at nearly 1,600 offices around the world up and running, a leading public accounting and tax advisory firm quickly doubled remote access to its business-critical applications with access policy management tools.


Keeping global businesses running

When nearly 500,000 businesses in 180 countries rely on your software, downtime during a pandemic is not an option. That’s why one of the world’s largest providers of enterprise application software increased VPN access by 400% to support 130,000 remote users.


Making sure shelves are stocked

To keep essential products and materials moving across Canada and the northern U.S., an historic railway corporation updated its licenses so that all 12,000 employees could keep freight on track while working remotely from home.