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Performance, cybersecurity, and risk requirements in response to COVID-19

Financial Services Face Unique Digital Challenges in COVID-19 Response

During these unprecedented times, financial services institutions face unique operational challenges related to COVID-19 social distancing efforts. Many retail branches have moved to drive-in only and most employees have been strongly encouraged to work from home.

Opportunistic cybercriminals will likely increase their efforts to expose remote worker vulnerabilities, especially targeting the financial industry to gain access to sensitive financial data. Only the institutions with the most secure digital experiences will be able to fully accommodate new COVID-19-related performance, security, and risk requirements.

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Remote workers are connecting to internal networks and systems more than ever, leading to several new challenges including:

  • Reliance on increased bandwidth for remote access. This makes VPN infrastructure a vulnerable target for DDoS attacks, resulting in decreased workforce productivity.
  • The possibility of new security lapses due to a new online workforce unaccustomed to remote security practices.
  • COVID-19-based phishing attacks on employees, designed to capture sensitive data and implant malware. Employees and their credentials are common targets.
  • Infrastructure stressed in unusual ways, such as a shortage in VPN licenses or bandwidth for VPN services.
  • Shorthanded IT departments. This leads to maintenance backlogs and slower response times, leaving vulnerabilities for attackers to use out-of-date systems to compromise security and execute ransomware.

Financial institutions do not typically have policies permitting such a high volume of employees to access sensitive assets and back-office systems from untrusted home networks.


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